SyAAF SA 342 Gazelle Shot Down (2016-12-19)

Yesterday, 19th Dec., a SyAAF Gazelles was shot down by ISIS fire in T4 AB surroundings taking into account that since late 2014 a pair -at least- of Gazelles were deployed from Mazze AB to the T4 and housed inside the maintenance hangars as mentioned in my previous post.

The Gazelle was piloted by Brig. Gen. Khedr Al-Hussain "العميد خضر الحسين" and Major Abbas Yunes "الرائد عباس يونس", both were KIA.
I need to draw your attention here that some pro-regime media claimed the death of Major Amer Ibrahim due to the crash of his helicopter at the surrounding of the airbase which is false.


SyAAF's T4 AB in Danger

New video published by ISIS videoed from the south western part of the T4 airbase and shows how close the ISIS fighters got.
MiG-25s are scattered everywhere around the airfield as can be seen in aerial imageris, may be 2 or 4 PDS interceptors are still air worthy while the others has been decommissioned since years.

The maintenance hangars are in sight and could be an easy target to ISIS fire; SyAAF shouldn't worries about whether Su-22M-4s and Su-24M2s are inside but for the Gazelles which are housed in.

It's good to mention that the south western HASes in this airbase house the Su-22M-4 squadron.


SyAAF MiG-23 Crashed (2016-12-10)

Today, a SyAAF MiG-23 operating from Sh'eirat AB and piloted by Col. Thabet Ismail  (العقيد ثابت اسماعيل) is reported crashed in Hayyan field in eastern rural of Homs governorate; the pilot ejected and was recovered. Pro-regime media refers the incident to a "Technical Failure" while ISIS are claiming the shot down. 

It's good to mention the aircraft in question should be either MLD (23-18) or MLD (23-22) as both variants operate from this airfield.


SyAAF L-39 Crashed (2016-12-03)

Yesterday, 3rd Dec. 2016, a SyAAF L-39 operating from Neyrab AB and piloted by Lt. Col. Ja'far Abboud Hasan (المقدم جعفر عبّود حسن) and Capt. Tarek Mwaffaq M'alla (النقيب طارق موفّق معلّا) was reported crashed nearby the citadel of Aleppo.

With no party claims shooting down this aircraft with solid evidence the crash most likely occurred due to a technical failure; both crew are KIA.


43rd Memorial Day of Teshreen War

A video published by Syrian MoD on 6th Oct. 2016 showing some units in Seen AB; Among them are:
- 3436 MiG-29S
- 3508 Su-24M2
- 3504 Su-24M2

It is amazing to see and for the first time in the history of SyAAF a MiG-29S armed with R-77 air-to-air missile as can be seen at 02:19.


SyAAF MiG-23 Shot Down (2016-09-21)

On 21st this month, a SyAAF aircraft -announced a MiG-23 but variant is still a mystery- is reported shot down by ISIS fighters in Qalamoun in Batra area.
The pilot -as named Ltnt. Col. Ya'rob "المقدم يعرب"- is reported ejected safely but para-dropped over ISIS held territory whom in turn returned him back to regime by an exchange of truck of ammo; referring to the crash area, this aircraft could be operating from both Nasrieyh AB or Dmeir AB. ...this is as reported by pro-regime sources.

From the insurgents side, it's said the aircraft in question is a MiG-23BN operating from No. 697 sqdn from Seen AB and the exchanged pilot is Lt. Col Ehab Soleiman "المقدم ايهاب سليمان" whom was handed over to regime by JAI not ISIS.

Anyway, this incident IMO lacks many details and need further verification.


SyAAF MiG-21 Shot Down (2016-09-18)

Today, ISIS fighters succeeded to shoot down a SyAAF MiG-21 piloted by Col. Ali Hamza "العقيد علي حمزة" which crashed at Al-Thardah mount area near Deir EzZour AB, the pilot is KIA.

The aircraft is supposed to be operating from Qamishli airport which recently witnessed the deployment of numbers of Su-22, MiG-21 in addition to Mi-17 helicopters.


SyAAF L-39 Crashed (2016-09-04)

Yesterday, 4th Sep. 2016, a SyAAF L-39 -I suspect it's ZO but cannot confirm- piloted by Captain Ali Farhan Ghanem "النقيب علي فرحان غانم" has crashed nearby Sadad town (around 50km to the south of Homs city). This brings in mind that the aircraft in question should be operating from Sheirat AB which recently housed number of L-39s at the eastern side of the airfield.

Again it's not confirmed whether the jet was downed by means of ground fire or countered a tech. failure caused this incident; the pilot is KIA.


SyAAF SA 342 Gazelle Shot Down (2016-09-02)

Yesterday 2nd Sep. 2016, a SyAAF SA 342 Gazelle helicopter piloted by Col. Mohammad Ali Habib "العقيد محمد علي حبيب" and Major Alaa' Ahmad Dayyoub (or Deeb) "الرائد علاء أحمد ديوب أو ديب" was targeted and successfully hit by a TOW ATGM while the helo was patrolling nearby Al-Khattab village to the north of Hama city; both pilots were KIA.

Since Hama AB didn't house any Gazelle during the last short period, I can suspect the Gazelle was operating from Stamo newly established airbase.

This incident -footage can be seen in this VIDEO- reminds me of a similar one when a SyAAF Mi-8 was targeted by an ATGM when approaching to land at Abu DhHoor AB on 8th Sep. 2014.


SyAAF Units Photos From Syrian Army 2015 Calendar

SyAAF L-39ZO in Kweres, serial is intentionally blurred

I would like to share with my audiences photos from Syrian Army 2015 calendar, of course I excluded those of SyAF, SyAADF and Navy ;)

SyAAF Mi-25, seems he forgot to blur the serial 2858 written under canopy ;)

SyAAF Mi-17

SyAAF SA 342 Gazelle

Formation of SyAAF Su-24M2, note the different pylons/rails fitted under each Fencer

SyAAF MiG-29S, note the different pylons/rails fitted under each Fulcrum

Syrian Navy Ka-28

Formation of SyAAF MiG-29S

Formation of SyAAF Mi-17 mostly photographed over Damascus in 2011/2012

Formation of SyAAF L-39ZA/ZO

SyAAF Mi-17

SyAAF Mi-25 photographed during the live fire maneuvers in 2012

SyAAF SA 342 Gazelles

SyAAF Mi-17 with serial 2966

Syrian Navy Ka-28


SyAAF Airbase by Terraserver - Kshesh & Abu DhHoor

Few days back, TS (Terraserver) has published new aerial imagery for Kshesh airbase which was overrun by opposition on 13th Feb. 2013 and then was controlled by Jaish Al Islam. The imagery here is dated 26th Jun. 2016 in which we can see the mass chaos occurred to facilities of the air field; thus, I provided an earlier view of the same location dated Sep. 2010 for better comparison.

The first thing can be observed from these views is how JAI worked to shovel the soil which covers the HASes (Hardened Aircraft Shelters) and left them exposed to the concrete structure. I won't be surprised if JAI filled the HAS with soil then after...

Around Fourteen MiG-15/17s were shifted from the boneyard.

In addition to form obstacles all along the runways, those MiG-15/17s are scattered here and there as well.

A phenomenon really surprised me and then I linked it to another view I observed in Abu DhHoor AB is what is valuable in the wings of decommissioned L-29s to make JAI strip them from the airframes as can be seen above!!
The same happened in Abu DhHoor AB, the MiG-23s can be clearly seen (below) stripped from their wings (those airframes in the eastern part of boneyard).


SyAAF MiG-23ML Crashed (2016-07-29)

It is reported yesterday 29th July by pro-regime sources that the pilot Major Mohammad Suleiman Ismail "الرائد محمد سليمان اسماعيل" whom was flying a MiG-23ML took off from Nasriyeh AB had died when his fighter hit the ground in Qalamoun mounts area.

Despite claims of shooting down the aircraft by ISIS but the real reason is a phenomenon most of non experienced pilots suffers from which is called the "Spatial Disorientation" as the pilot in question was performing a night flight in order to get him ready for non-day-time sorties.

It is good to mention here that since 2015 Nasriyeh AB is housing only MiG-23ML after detaching all MiG-23BNs to Dmeir AB and Seen AB.


SyAAF L-39ZO Shot Down (2016-07-20)

Last night, a SyAAF L-39ZO serialled 2099 operating from T4 AB and piloted by Col. Salman Suleiman "العقيد سلمان سليمان" and 1st Ltnt. Ghadir Eid "الملازم أول غدير عيد" is shot down by AAA in eastern rural of Hama governorate resulting in the death of both pilots.


Sfireh Defense Works Airbase on Fire!

So far, it's not known the extent of damage to the facilities in Defense Works in Sfireh due to the huge explosions took place yesterday midnight; but it is good to mention that tarmac of helicopter next to plants recently used to house at least 2~3 Mi-8/17 in addition to Mi-25s with serials 2800, 2841 and 2856.

Some sources refers the reason behind this incident to the failure of taking off of one helicopter which was over heavy exploded on tarmac and resulted of burning all the other aircraft there.


Footage of SyAAF Mi-25 Crash Site

Two days back, a VIDEO was published showing the wreckage of a SyAAF helicopter said to be shot down on 14th July 2016 near Al-Baytariyeh town which is located in the eastern rural of Damascus.

I cannot tell this is a newly shot down helicopter at the above mentioned date because first of all it is a Mi-25 helicopter, so it might be that one shot down on 1st July 2016 and just recently some public discovered the crash site.
Secondly, no footage was published for the interception nor for fighters inspecting the wreckage taking into account that a MANPAD hit will result in bringing down an aircraft no further than 5km from the launch site, so finding and covering the crash site is a piece of cake after all.

Last, I didn't find any pro-regime page/individual talking or mentioning a "martyr" pilot/crew within the last few days but only that pilot of the MiG-21 crashed few days back in Deir EzZour.

Update: Thanks for heads up from Gerard & Milos (ACIG). The rotar blades belong for sure for a Mi-8/17.
Then, I'm not sure of the possibility of mounting such blades to Mi-25 under any circumstances, but providing the boom belongs with no doubts to a Mi-25 this puts us in front of a possibility that the crashed helicopter is truly a Mi-8/17 was transferring components of Mi-25 -boom among them- from an airbase to another.
Talking about a Hind needs maintenance and replacement of specific parts, this reminds me of the incident of intercepting a SyAAF helicopter by JAI SA-8 (Osa) over Eastern Ghouta on 27th June 2016 which forced the hit Mi-25 -as confirmed by my source- to perform an emergency landing at an airport -should be Damascus IAP.


SyAAF MiG-21 Crashed (2016-07-14)

Today, a SyAAF MiG-21 could be operating from either Deir EzZour AB or even from Qamishli airport is crashed near Deir EzZour city resulting on the death of pilot Col. Maher Kash'oor "العقيد ماهر جابر قشعور" .
It is not confirmed as well whether the jet has crashed due to a technical failure -as know, Soviet jets becomes less efficient in hot weather especially that area is witnessing 45+ degrees temperature these days- or shot down by ISIS as claimed by their media.
Footage of crash site can be seen in this VIDEO.


SyAAF Mi-25 Shot Down (2016-07-01)

It's simply incredible how SyAAF is bleeding units and pilots! Today and just few hours after the crash of Su-22M-3 in Qalamoon mounts, a SyAAF Mi-25 operating from Blai AB and piloted by General Muhammad Badr Mahmoud "اللواء محمد بدر محمود" and Captain Zein Nayef Khalloof "النقيب زين نايف خلوف" has been shot down by opposition MANPAD in Jurud Al-Qalamoun resulting in the death of both pilots.
Apparently, a third crew (technician) Col. Adnan Munir Al-Salem was onboard has died as well.


SyAAF Su-22M-3 Crashed (2016-07-01)

This morning, a SyAAF Su-22M-3 operating from Dmeir AB crashed near Jairood town in Qalamoon mounts, the footage can be seen HERE
Jaish Al-Islam interviewed in this VIDEO the captive pilot Major Nawras Hasan "الرائد نورس حسن" in which neither JAI nor the pilot mentioned whether the jet was shot down or fell due a technical failure.



SyAAF MiG-23BN Crashed (2016-06-27)

On 27th July, a MiG-23 operating from Seen AB and piloted by Lt. Colonel Nader Ramadan "المقدم نادر رمضان" is reported crashed in Qalamoun mounts area resulting in the death of the pilot.

It's good to mention that Seen AB and in addition to the MiG-29 and Su-24M2, it houses a squadron of MiG-23BN which made me conclude the crashed MiG is a BN bomber/attack variant.


SyAAF MiG-21 Crashed (2016-06-19)

Today around 1:00pm, a SyAAF MiG-21 -allegedly bis variant, serial is still unknown- operating from Hama AB and piloted by Major Ayham Khadra "الرائد أيهم خضرة" has crashed in the airfield area due to a technical failure resulting in the death of the pilot.

Geolocating the crash site confirms the MiG fell down due to engine failure shortly after take off as it's usual to carry it out west-to-east.