SyAAF Mi-25 Shot Down (2016-07-01)

It's simply incredible how SyAAF is bleeding units and pilots! Today and just few hours after the crash of Su-22M-3 in Qalamoon mounts, a SyAAF Mi-25 operating from Blai AB and piloted by General Muhammad Badr Mahmoud "اللواء محمد بدر محمود" and Captain Zein Nayef Khalloof "النقيب زين نايف خلوف" has been shot down by opposition MANPAD in Jurud Al-Qalamoun resulting in the death of both pilots.
Apparently, a third crew (technician) Col. Adnan Munir Al-Salem was onboard has died as well.

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  1. 2016, not 2017

    And it may have been that SA-8 hit by JaI a few days ago