Turkish F-4 Downed !!

Al Manar TV stated that Syrian Air Defense Force shot down an F-4 Phantom of Turkish Air Force today.

A Turkish TV NTV confirmed that the aircraft took off today 10:30am from Erhac AFB in Malatya province south of Turkey and disappeared from Radar around 12 midday today; Moreover, the two crew were found alive 8 miles to the west of Ras Al Baseet (north of Lattakia).

SyAAF Mig-25RB - Another Update...

Another update for the SyAAF Mig-25RB reg. 2705...enjoy !!


SyAAF From The Archive - Part III

These are the last three videos I could find in YouTube, the first one represents a tribute for the historical heroes "MANSOUR" brothers, Fayez, Ma'moun and Mohammad, for whom I'll dedicate in the near future complete post.

Note the rare photo of L-29 reg. 154 at 0:21

The second video is the "Song of the Sky" in which a row of Mig-23BN, MF or MS can be seen starting from 0:20 (it's the same row appears in the video of the first post)

The third one shows the commander of Syrian Air Force and Syrian Air Defense Force Lieutenant General Naji Jamil honoring the new graduated cadets; few Mig-23BN's can be seen.


SyAAF From The Archive - Part II

Another media video "Eagles Factory" published in 1979 for the celebration of the 31st anniversary of establishment of Syrian Air Force and Syrian Air Defense Force, its details are as below:
- 0:14 MiG-23MS with serial 1616 armed with four AA-2 Atoll (short-range air-to-air missiles)
- 0:59 MiG-23MS with serial 16xx
- 2:06 MiG-17 with serial 1345
- 2:15 MiG-17 with serial 2014
- 2:26 MiG-17 with serial 1349
- 2:29 MiG-17 with unrecognizable serial

This video represent some maneuvers took place also late 1970s, note the old Syrian flag -which is same as current Egyptian flag- used between 1972 and 1980, in details:
- From 0:06 numbers of Mi-8s one of them carries serial 194
- 0:25 MiG-17 carrying four FAB-100 bombs (two under fuselage and one under each wing)
- 1:46 MiG-17 with serial 1029 or 1039 firing gun
- 2:34 Mi-8 with serial 195 or 295
- 3:07 formation of five MiG-23MS
- 3:21 formation of four MiG-23BN
- 3:39 MiG-23BN releasing 16 FAB-100 bombs


SyAAF From The Archive - Part I

Interesting archive Media for SyAAF collected from YouTube, the first one belongs to the late 1970s representing a scramble of aircraft (especially MiG-23s) which in details:
- 0:31 MiG-23BN with serial 1650
- 0:35 MiG-23BN with serial 1655
- 0:45 MiG-23BN with serial 1661
- 0:51 Mig-23MS with serial 1614
- From 1:28 three pairs of MiG-23BN taking off
- 1:53 two MiG-21s taking off
- 2:02 two MiG-17s taking off (most probably from Mazze airbase)

The second video represents the SyAAF after the war of 1973 but also belongs to late 1970s, its details are:
- From 0:00 three MiG-23MS land in sequence
- 0:33 row of MiG-23s, at least the first 3~4 units are BN, while the remaining are MS
- 0:49 formation of Su-7s
- 0:56 MiG-17 in colorful camo
- 1:03 formation of MiG-21s (should be MF variant)
- 2:05 nine MiG-23BN
- 2:12 two MiG-23BNs, fitted with free-fall bombs on the fuselage and wing base pylons
- 2:24 MiG-23BN fitted with unguided missile pods