SyAAF MiG-23 Shot Down (2016-09-21)

On 21st this month, a SyAAF aircraft -announced a MiG-23 but variant is still a mystery- is reported shot down by ISIS fighters in Qalamoun in Batra area.
The pilot -as named Ltnt. Col. Ya'rob "المقدم يعرب"- is reported ejected safely but para-dropped over ISIS held territory whom in turn returned him back to regime by an exchange of truck of ammo; referring to the crash area, this aircraft could be operating from both Nasrieyh AB or Dmeir AB. ...this is as reported by pro-regime sources.

From the insurgents side, it's said the aircraft in question is a MiG-23BN operating from No. 697 sqdn from Seen AB and the exchanged pilot is Lt. Col Ehab Soleiman "المقدم ايهاب سليمان" whom was handed over to regime by JAI not ISIS.

Anyway, this incident IMO lacks many details and need further verification.


  1. Everyone said he was returned by the rebels, not IS.

  2. Good report. I'll keep an eye out for more details on this incident.

  3. Hi..can you possibly confirm that an Mig 23 from 14th Brigade at Hama airbase destroyed due to Grad rocket?