Photos of SyAAF Mil Mi-17s - Updated II

Fistful of Syrian Mi-17 photos I collected to post here. Starting with a photo for three SyAAF Mi-17's flying over Al-Omawyeen roundabout in the capital Damascus in 2012 sometime after the beginning of the Syrian uprising.

Another SyAAF Mi-17 photographed over Damascus in one of the parades showing the strength of the regime.

Mi-17 with serial 36.

Another one with serial 74, this is one of the first batch of Mi-17's delivered to SyAAF.

The SyAAF pushed its Mi-8/17 fleet into action intensively in the current uprising, either to throw the death barrels "Barameel" or for logistic supplies. This Mi-17 with serial 75 was hit with a MANPAD while flying over the northern county of Aleppo to deliver arm supplies to Nubbol and Al-Zahra' Shi'is towns. The pilot managed to land safely.

A view in Mazze airbase to the helicopters tarmac where two Syrian Mi-17's can be seen. Note Darayya in the horizon.

Another shot taken in Mazze airbase showing the same Mi-17 seen in the image above (the one to the right), note that no pylons are fitted to this helicopter.

One of the Mi-17 could be shot down by FSyA near Al-Raqqa on 15 Nov. 2013.

An amazing take for the latest Mi-17 downed over Darayya on 16 Jan. 2014. It is not clear whether it was hit with a MANPAD or with the 'Osa' the FSyA operating, more details can be found in this post prepared by our friend PFC-JOKER 


Photos of SyAAF Mil Mi-8s - Updated II

Starting the posts of 2014 with some photos collected for the Syrian Mi-8 helicopters.
The above shown is a Mi-8 with serial 99 spotted over Hama over the Aleppo-Hama main road on 6th April 2013.

A non-Syrian mercenary (KIA) posing on a Syrian Mi-8 carrying the serial 35.

A SyAAF Brig. General Hakim Ahmad (KIA) infront of a Syrian Mi-8 with serial 1395.

Syrian Mi-8 (with serial could be 39), either downed somewhere near Bennesh town in Idleb province or damaged in Taftanaz airfield.

One of the first downed Syrian Mi-8 somewhere in Idleb county.

The only SyAAF Mi-8 with serial 1278 in display in Teshreen Panorama in Damascus.

Another shot for the same.