The First Wings Over Syria

It's the story of the ever first aircraft to fly and land in Syria; This story started when the Ottoman State bought two used aircraft from German Empire to enter the era of flying machines.
December 1914 was the date of the first test flight of the Ottoman crew whom trained seriously to fly this aircraft, as it was scheduled to take off from Istanbul, land in Damascus, to Cairo and then return in the same route.

In Damascus the land of what is currently the "Old Exhibition" crowded with mass waiting to see the first aircraft visiting Syria, some didn't believe that a machine made of metal can fly, while others considered this heterodoxy...but when it emerged in the horizon people started calling and celebrating...

Damascus governor and army leaders were the first to welcome the two heros pilots, the funny thing is that after landing some people tried to peel off some parts of the aircraft as souvenir but of course guards prevented them doing so...
The aircraft took off again in the third day flying to Egypt among crowds' ceremonies and celebrations but unfortunately it fell down near "Tabariyah Lake" and the two pilots were dead.

Lieutenant Sadik Beik and his assistant Fathi Beik in photos...

Their bodies were brought back in the train and buried near the tomb of Salahuddin Al Ayiubi in Damascus, the third tomb was for Nouri Beik, the pilot of the second aircraft which wasn't luckier than the first one and fell down in the sea near Yafa in Palestine.


SyAAF Air Show 2011

Unfortunately I'm not there this year to witness and photograph the SyAAF airshow of "Ceremony of Graduation"...in the other hand few videos show almost the same formation of aircraft as last year, in the above video Su-22's, then Mig-23's or Su-24's...not clear, finally Mig-29's passing at low level.


SyAAF Mig-23BN

It's the first time on Google Earth that an image is attached over a military airbase of SyAAF, it shows most probably a couple of Mig-23BN under HAS, with a wreckage of another Mig-23BN or UB visible through the right HAS.
This image was attached over the main training base in Syria but for sure it's mistakenly done, for instance I couldn't locate which base it must be...any idea?


Air Force Museum - Milan / ITALY (Part II)

Aermacchi MB339CD reg. I-AMDA, this advanced trainer realy looks as fabulous as its performance, no doubt TriColori are using this jet for their marvelous aerobatics, I can't remember the year exactly but it was 2002 or 2003 when they performed in Syria.

SIAI Marchetti S-211 with camo more similar to those north African air forces, as per records around 60 units were built for Philippine, Singapore and Haitian air forces which were the only operator for this basic trainer / light attack aircraft..so this one with ItAF roundles and without any reg. might be a prototype for display only.

The advanced trainer Aermacchi MB326 reg. MM572.

Remains of a Savoia-Marchetti S.79 bomber.

An Agusta under-license made Bell AB.47J-3 Ranger reg. I-MINR.

Hughes NH.500MC built under-license by BredaNardi reg. GdiF 93.

Agusta A109 A-II reg. G.diF 124.

The 1960 model experimental Agusta A104 Helicar with only 3 samples built.

A Magni Gyro Eligiro M4 autogyro homebuilt aircraft, there was a remains of very similar aircraft in the Military Museum in Damascus.

Agusta AB.47G-3B-1 reg. CC-14.

Agusta Bell AB206C-1 Jet Ranger reg. MM80931.

The huge Sikorsky SH-3D Sea King helicopter reg.MM5021N.

The ultra huge Boeing CH-47C Chinook reg. MM80840.

Another S-211 reg. I-SMTE.

Agusta Bell AB204AS reg. I-VFMC used for "Fire Fighting" as written on.

Mock-up of the VTOL Bell/Agusta BA609 "Tilt Rotor" which is still under development.


Air Force Museum - Milan / ITALY (Part I)

From Italy this time and a business trip enabled me visit the nice Volandia museum of Milan in Malpensa AP, this museum occupies the old workhouses of "Caproni" the aircraft manufacturer which was active between 1908 and 1950.
An amazing replica of Macchi C.205V Veltro in a unique camo (I'm not sure whether it's for units served in North Africa) with Italian Air Force roundle can be seen outdoor just after exiting terminal-1.

The aerobatic Pitts S-1TGM Special with signature of its pilot "Giorgio Marangoni" .

A 1984 model ultralight aircraft (160kg) Leone T7.

Looking at the "Pou du Ciel" made me feel little disappointed, thinking how a little effort and plans can build such a nice flying machine, I realy wonder what many nations of 3rd world are lack of to invent something like this..!?!?!

Another French ultralight aircraft is the Jodel D.9 Bebe which first flew in 1948.

This photo is called "Human wants to fly by any means !!"

The new advanced trainer Alenia Aermacchi MB346 which was developed from the Russian Yak-130, deliveries will start in 2012 to Italian & Singapore air forces.

A trainer SIAI Marchetti SF.260, it realy has an agile design and streamlined as a Ferrari !!

Another example of simple mechanics to build a flying machine is the Bell 47G-3B, this 1953 model is built by Bell.

The first aircraft designed and built by Gianni Caproni CA.1 in 1910, it was an experimental aircraft but unfortunately it was destroyed in its first flying attempt in 27th May at that year.

A 1931 model Caproni CA 113 trainer biplane.

A reconnaissance two-seats Caproni CA 18 of 1913.

Nice presentation of the Floatplane by Gabardini model of 1914.

A reproduction of the 1909 french pioneer aircraft Bleriot XI, this plane can fly at max. speed of 90km/h at a range of 150km.

A full-size fiberglass mock-up of 1943 model of Macchi C.202 Folgore served with 365 squadron of the 150 group near Rome with roundles of Regia Aeronautica Italiana (Italian Royal Air Force) .

De Havilland DH 100 Vampire FB.6 of 1943 reg. 6-8/F-AZHJ.

A 1947 two-seat Macchi MB.308 touring aircraft reg. I-FABR.

With its pearl white paint and comfortable beige leather seats I can call it the flying "Lexus" !!
It's the 1980 C-22J military jet trainer by Caproni Vizzola reg. I-CAVT.


UPDATES : Alep Airport

Again from Alep with very nice news, only 6 Mig-23's out of 33 remains there..!! (2 MLD + 4 UB).

It means all the others where overhauled and distributed in bases, note the first from right which had its engine off.

Mi-17 repainted (at least) here with reg. x951.

Another Mi-17 at the southern pads, seems that camo of these helis is similar but not exactly the same.