SyAAF SA 342 Gazelle Shot Down (2016-09-02)

Yesterday 2nd Sep. 2016, a SyAAF SA 342 Gazelle helicopter piloted by Col. Mohammad Ali Habib "العقيد محمد علي حبيب" and Major Alaa' Ahmad Dayyoub (or Deeb) "الرائد علاء أحمد ديوب أو ديب" was targeted and successfully hit by a TOW ATGM while the helo was patrolling nearby Al-Khattab village to the north of Hama city; both pilots were KIA.

Since Hama AB didn't house any Gazelle during the last short period, I can suspect the Gazelle was operating from Stamo newly established airbase.

This incident -footage can be seen in this VIDEO- reminds me of a similar one when a SyAAF Mi-8 was targeted by an ATGM when approaching to land at Abu DhHoor AB on 8th Sep. 2014.

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