The First Appearance of a Coalition F-16 Over Syria!

A video was published on 24th this month for a low pass -can be tracked at 1:28- of a non Syrian aircraft attacked an ISIS ground target somewhere near the communication antenna -refer to the map below- in Albukamal border city, that appeared to be an F-16 of the U.S. led-coalition airpower as can be clearly seen in the photo above.

Eye-witnesses reported that the coalition aircraft are conducting air raids even lower than this altitude which brings to mind that pilots are not relying completely on TV/Laser guided weapons dropped from high altitudes.


The First Appearance of a Coalition B-1 Bomber Over Syria!

Yesterday, 26th Sep. 2014, has recorded the first appearance of coalition aircraft in the Syrian sky, specifically the heavy strategic bomber the B-1 which was spotted flying over Deir EzZour and Al-Mayadeen cities as can be seen in the below videos respectively.




SyAAF MiG-21 Shot Down Over Al-Raqqa (2014-09-16)

Today, ISIS could down a SyAAF aircraft -looks to be a MiG-21- over Al-Hsewa area 'الحصيوة' to the west of Al-Raqqa city while carrying out attack sortie there. It's still unknown whether the aircraft was damaged by AA gun fire or by a MANPAD.
I collected some photos for the wreckage which resulted in killing 8 civilians upon crashing over their houses.




Cockpits of SyAAF Aircraft - Part II

More cockpits of various SyAAF aircraft, all came to public after the Syrian uprising.
Cockpit of an L-39 captured in Kshesh AFB
Cockpit of either 2111 or 2141 L-39ZA maintained by Jaish Al Islam in Kshesh AFB
Cockpit of either 2111 L-39ZA maintained by Jaish Al Islam in Kshesh AFB
Cockpit of MiG-23MF
Cockpit of Su-22M-3
Cockpit of Su-24M2
Cockpit of Yak-40
Cockpit of Yak-40


Cockpits of SyAAF Aircraft - Part I

The first part of photos taken in cockpits of SyAAF aircraft of various types.
Of course, the invasion of Tabqa AFB by ISIS has revealed some valuable shots inside MiG-21 types.

Cockpit of the 2217 MiG-21bis
Cockpit of the 1543 MiG-21MF
Cockpit of the 1543 MiG-21MF
Cockpit of the 1543 MiG-21MF (extracted from a Video)
Cockpit of the 1543 MiG-21MF (extracted from a Video)
Cockpit of a SyAAF Flamingo basic trainer
Cockpit of a SyAAF MFI-17 Mushshak basic trainer


Photos of SyAAF MiG-23 (ML/MF) - UPDATED

OK, please enough Tabqa and enough MiG-21's, let's change some air!
Above, a new photo emerged the last month for a MiG-23 at least armed with R-24 missiles (long white) -could be either ML coming from Sh'eirat AFB or an MF coming from Hama AFB- maneuvering over Lattakia coast at very low altitude. Are SyAAF patrolling the coast regularly or it was an incident to spot that MiG-23 that day!?!?

Syrian MiG-23MF landing in Hama AFB.

One of the rarest shots for an armed MiG-23ML inside a HAS, typically fitted with R-24R (AKA AA-7 Apex) medium-range air-to-air missiles under wing roots pylons and R-60 (AKA AA-8 Aphid) short-range air-to-air missiles under fuselage.

The first time to spot a MiG-23ML fitted with B-8 unguided missiles pods over Damascus area, performing raids against ground targets, the place the BN dominate there.


Photos from SyAAF TABQA AFB (Part IV)

The last batch of photos -so far- for the overrun airbase of Tabqa revealing photos for at least eleven MiG-21's leaving tens of sadly scraped units (there are few MiG-15/17's among) without any photo record.
Again, I would recommend to download the 'KEY MAP' of this airbase in order to understand the location of each unit seen here.

2217 MiG-21bis...who did say ISIS won't find pilots :P

460 MiG-21MF at the Main Gate

549 MiG-21UM (Location Unknown)

Eastern Double HAS with 1543 MiG-21MF inside

Rear view of the 1543 MiG-21MF

1543 MiG-21MF

1543 MiG-21MF. Note the inboard pylon for FAB and the outboard rail 
for missiles/rockets

R-13M air-to-air missiles

Chaff/Flares dispensers over wooden crates

UB-16 unguided rocket pods (Preliminary variant?!?)

Newly taken aerial view for the airbase


Photos from SyAAF TABQA AFB (Part III)

Tabqa AFB Key Map
Some more amazing stuff here emerged from Tabqa AFB that was seized by ISIS on 25th August. I worked on various videos and photos in coordination with the greatest GE which from I succeeded to indicate the location of each MiG-21 appeared in, and reflecting that on the 'KEY MAP' above, just download it and do your best to find the RED MiG's with their variant and serial written beside. (note that each RED aircraft is oriented as seen on footage). 

Let's say that this is the first time to have a solid evidence for UM trainers with serials in range 5xx; also to see an MF with serial 18xx instead of 15xx or even the rare 4xx range alike that poor 460 damaged on the gate of this base !!

Double HAS with two MiG-21UM's inside (the 560 is to the right) and 2217 MiG-21bis outside

2217 MiG-21bis

2217 MiG-21bis

2217 MiG-21bis

560 MiG-21UM


1810 MiG-21M (Could be one of the ex-East German units delivered to 
SyAAF after the 1973 war. Special thanks to Tom Cooper)

471 MiG-21MF

Closer View to the 471 MiG-21MF (Notice the insignia of 'The Factory' or 
AKA '419 Plant' of Neyrab airbase overhaul facility at the air intake)

2357 MiG-21UM

1569 MiG-21MF