Beirut Airport - 2011

Spanish Air Force C-130H-30 reg. 31-01 tactical transporter is spotted there.

Infront of it a biz-prop Cessna 414 reg. N108CN by SAC Inc.

MD-82 reg. N33414 operated by American-owned Gryphon Airlines, it's the first airline to offer scheduled flights to the military side of Baghdad AP when these flights began in March 2007.
Its fleet consists of two aircrafts of this kind in addition to one DC-9-32.

Airbus A321-231 reg. F-ORMG of MEA being towed back preparing to take off.

Airbus A320-214 reg. OK-LEE of Czech Airlines.

A remarkable spotting of a Russian Mil-Mi-17 in this AP !!! Is it an Aeroflot heli ??

Cattle of stored and scrapped aircrafts, from left to right:
- Swearingen SA-227 reg. OD-MAB biz-prop operated by the former Flying Carpet Airlines which became Med Airways.
- The only one and inactive Kurdistan Airlines B737-201 reg. OD-NOR.
- B707-327C reg. OD-AGX was operated by the defunct TMA (Trans Mediterranean Airways) which is recently owned by Mr.Mazen Bsat (the same owner of Med Airways).
- Cargo B707-321C reg. OD-AGP of TMA as well.
In addition to the latest two, four B707's are seen there but no .reg # is clear (all of those are phased out).


Air Force Museum - Istanbul / TURKEY (Part III)

The Turkish made agricultural light aircraft KIBM (Kayseri Hava Ikmal Bakim Merkezi Komutanligi) Mavi Isik G; which was introduced in early 1980s; only one airframe was built (which is exhibited in this museum) but didn't get the green light for mass production due to some consideration.

Douglas C-47B Skytrain reg. 6008/H-008.

Another Douglas C-47A Skytrain reg. 6052/YSL-52, these two variants flew for TuAF in big numbers (almost 110 units) from 1946 till the last one phased out in 1998.

One of the only tow Douglas C-54D Skymaster reg. 10683/ETI-683 flew for TuAF from 1959 till 1975.

Also one of the only three Vickers 794D Viscount reg. 430 served for TuAF from 1971 till 1993.

Sud Sogerma SE210 Caravelle was operated by "Istanbul Airlines" reg. TC-ABA.

The Polish made utility aircraft PZL 104 Wilga reg. TC-ECL.

Texan is everywhere..!!! I realy started to LOVE this aircraft which served almost for all world's airforces, here a North American T-6G Texan reg. 7504/04; Around 200 units flew for TuAF since 1948 till 1974. 

Curtiss P-47D Thunderbolt reg. 7021/DE-21; 180 units of this aircraft served TuAF from 1948 till 1954.

Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan reg. 6390/9-930; Around 110 units were with TuAF as bombing and gunnery trainer aircraft.

Under ceiling, a Piper L-21B Super Cub reg. 10306.

MKEK-4 Uğur reg. 44/TC-KUS, this aircraft was built by (Makina ve Kimya Endüstrisi Kurumu) which was established in 1950 in Turkey.
57 units of this basic trainer were used by the TuAF between 1955 - 1963. 

The fighter and advanced trainer Curtiss CW-22R Falcon reg. 15; 50 units served TuAF between 1940 - 1949.

Another Polish made fighter is the PZL 24G reg. 2145; it's remarkable that this the only surviving example of 24G variant in the world !!
Served TuAF between 1939 - 1943.

Miles M.14A Magister reg. 77/TC-KAH; around 100 of this trainer were built in Turkey under license and served for TuAF between 1941 - 1960.

The military transport / trainer de Havilland Dominie 1 (Dragon DH89A) reg. TC-ERK; 4 samples flew for TuAF between 1934 - 1946.

The 1918 only one TuAF Grigorovitch M-5 built by the first Russian aviation company founded in 1909.
Note the Black-Square insignia of Ottoman Air Force.

Altin Kanatlar AK-2000X (Sadik).


Air Force Museum - Istanbul / TURKEY (Part II)

Canadiar F-86E Sabre reg. 19207/207, it's well noted that American manufacturers cared a lot to provide the pilot a sight-comfortable and wide view at any angle through the cockpit in their early jet fighters.

Another Canadiar CL-13 Sabre reg. 268, according to its camo...was this aircraft also in the "Turkish Stars" team before or celebrating a national event?
Of this aircraft, around 110 units flew for the TuAF till been phased out in 1968.

A reconnaissance Lockheed RT-33A Shooting Star reg. 1543/8-543.

Also another Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star reg. 35744/5-744; about 200 airframes served in TuAF until early 1980s.

The huge and frightful interceptor Convair F-102A Delta Dagger reg. 0-53386/386, mere staring at this aircraft details like tail fin, delta wings and pyramidal cockpit you'll think that it was designed to fly at high levels with a nuclear weapon attached to its belly..!!
49 units of this aircraft served for TuAF till late 1970s.

Trainer Cessna T-37C Tweety Bird reg. 39835/2-835; 60+ units are in service.

The military medium-sized transport aircraft Transall C160D reg. 69-022.

The tiny light utility Robinson Helicopter R-22 looks like a 1:2 scaled model..!!

Bell UH-1H Iroquois reg. 69-15724.

Sikorsky UH-19B Chickasaw reg. 52-7577; This helicopter is unique in combining the engine in its frontal dome chamber.

The anti-submarine warfare (ASW) aircraft Grumman S-2E Tracker reg. 149877TCB-877 served for the Turkish Naval Aerial Wing.

A light utility aircraft Bellanca 7GCBC reg. 10104.

Two trainers Beechcraft T-34A Mentor built under license in Canada by "Canadain Car" reg. 24220/2-220 & 24216/OK-1.

Cessna U-17A reg. 11357 is the military variant of model 185.

The STOL light utility aircraft Dornier Do 27H-2 reg. 10293.

Another Dornier is the twin engined Do 28B-1 Skyservant reg. 10013.

Another variant of Skyservant is the Do 28D-1 reg. 10020.

The SIAT 223K1 Flamingo was also in use in TuAF as basic trainer (the same is still in use in SyAAF but built by MBB).


Air Force Museum - Istanbul / TURKEY (Part I)

An extended vacation and unexpected miss communication of internet connection what prevented me of posting earlier some photos I took in one of my ever greatest vacations in years !!
A decision to visit the beautiful city of Istanbul for a tour in its museums, palaces and monuments was made after knowing that there is an air force and aviation museum there "Hava Kuvvetleri Muzesi", located in Yesilkoy (near airport) and about 40 minutes by train from Serkuci station.
I was sure to photograph every single aircraft to post them here in 3 parts.

By entering the main gate a Lockheed F-104G welcomes you with its extra long fuselage (of course comparing to its narrow wingspan), this Starfighter is reg. 4-344.

Another few steps will lead you to the agile Lockheed F-16C Fighting Falcon, reg. 1911/2011 most probably built by TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries).

Honestly, the main reason for my visit there is to see the huge and horrible Phantom II with Shark's mouth !!
This newly painted F-4E is reg. 67-0360, with 4 Sparrow's below and K.Ataturk sign on the right air intake hole, around 160 units are still in service with TuAF.

A Northrop NF-5A Freedom Fighter of the "Turkish Stars" acrobatic team reg. 3022/22.

Another Lockheed F-104G reg.12619/FG-619 with external fuel tanks, note the national TuAF square insignia which was used until 1972.

An F-104S reg. 6868.

The latest Starfighter is the training TF-104G variant reg. 63-5725/9-725.
It's remarkable that TuAF used to purchase also some F-104's built by Canadair and few by Alenia with a total number of 420+ units served till mid 1990s.

Northrop F-5A Freedom Fighter reg. 14460 in an attractive earth colors camo.

NF-5A reg. 3070/3-070.

A reconnaissance RF-5A reg. 97147/5-147.

Republic F-84F Thunderstreak reg. 28941/941; 380+ units served till mid 1970s.

Republic F-84G Thunderjet reg. 110572, was this aircraft one of the older "Turkish Stars" acrobatic team? nice camo...

Another F-84G reg. 19953/953; Huge number of this aircraft entered service (around 480 units), last withdrawn from service in 1966.

A reconnaissance RF-84F Thunderflash reg. 11917/1917 carrying huge external fuel tanks.

Also another RF-84F reg. 11901/1901; 60+ units served in TuAF till early 1980s.

North American F-100C Super Sabre reg. 54-2009/3-089 with free-fall bombs aside (500, 750, 1000 lbs).

F-100D reg. 54-2245/FW-245.

The latest F-100 is F variant reg. 56-8788/ 8-788 with two AGM-12B Bullpup Air-Ground guided missiles aside; Around 270 units of these aircrafts served in TuAF till late 1980s.