Iraqi Air Force MiG-23MLs in Serbia

In 1989 IQAF sent 10 MiG-23ML to Yugoslavia for overhaul and intense maintenance. During the Gulf War II, these airframes were kept stored in Serbia until -and according to some sources -they were serviced on 2002.

One of these IqAF Floggers were put in display outdoor infront of the main hall of the Aviation Museum in Belgrade until a decision is made to shift it somewhere else, I'm not sure when this exactly took place.

Further interesting explanation by J. Nijmeijer / ACIG:
"10 were Iraqi AF MiG-23ML aircraft. Serials are: 23252, 23260, 23267, 23269 (c/n 25056, l/n 17530), 23278, 23279, 23282, 23288, 23290 and 23292.

Out of these aircraft, only 23269 has been overhauled. This MiG-23ML flew to Zeljava AB and then to Batajnica AB. The aircraft was handed over to Moma Stanojlovic aircraft repair plant. while the other MiG-23ML aircraft were put in storage at the 160th Logistic Support Base at Pancevo near Belgrade. For some time, 23269 formed part of the YAF Museum exhibition"


Air Force Museum - Belgrade / SERBIA (Part II - Piston Era)

It's realy an attractive museum for what it contains of warbirds served for SFR Yugoslavian air force from many manufacturers and different nationalities, starting with the U.S. made Republic P-47 (almost 150 units delivered), over it the Yugoslavian made UTVA type 213 Vihor which played the training role from 1949 till 1961.

Another Yugoslavian made is the training Ikarus Aero 2 (served from 1948 till 1959).

One of the first fighters manufactured in Yugoslavia the Ikarus S-49 which lines are mainly inspired from Yak-9, served from 1950 till 1961.

 The biplane Soviet made Polikarpov PO-2.

The beautiful british Supermarine Spitfire was operated by the Balkan Air Force.

An agricultural UTVA-65.

Hawker Hurricane the british knight produced by Zmaj & Rogozarski in Yugoslavia since 1939, totally 100 units built.

Yak-3, having a glance at the history of Soviet manufacturers, we may note that Yakovlev was very active one in the World War I & II period.

German advanced trainer Bücker Bü 133

An 1916 Nieuport 11, this biplane was a real fighter before WWI equipped with a HEAVY armament...!! I wonder how can the pilot operate that over-fit machine gun !!

Outside, a Junkers Ju-52.

And a Yugoslavian military training and light attack Soko 522.


Air Force Museum - Belgrade / SERBIA (Part I - Jet Era)

I'm beginning a virtual tour in air force museums around the world, actually I'll start with the attractive air force museum in Belgrade (Serbia) which contains many aircrafts from both eastern & western camps and from different eras.

Attractive and very functional architecture for this museum which is located in Belgrade airport (BEG), it's very essential to see the aircrafts in day light which is allowed inside by the glass facade and shape of the building.

Let's choose a Yugoslavian made aircraft to start with, it's the Soko J-22 Orao, strike fighter from late 1970's still operated by Serbian Air Force, on the upper left a Soko J-20 Kraguj which was built in mid of 1960's.

Another Soko is the J-21 Jastreb the Ground Attack aircraft, one Lybian J-1E variant was recently shot down by a French Rafale.

Mig-21F-13 served the Yugoslavian air force, currently Serbian air force only fly bis variant.

In the middle of photo behind the tail of the Mig-21 there is a Folland Gnat the only survivor of 2 aircrafts were ordered by Yugoslavian air force for evaluation in 1958, the other Gnat was destroyed in a crash in the same year, infront of it a Sikorsky S-55 while over it a yellow Mil Mi-2.

Also indoor a canopy of the USAF Stealth Fighter F-117 which was shot down in March 1999 in addition to remains of USAF F-16 also shot down in May same year.

Outdoor, an ex-Iraqi Mig-23ML was sent to Yugoslavia for upgrade but never returned back.

Mig-21R equipped with a recon pod mounted on the fuselage centerline infront of a Kamov Ka-25PL with a torpedo fitted at its tail.

Mil Mi-4 the Soviet sister to the above seen Sikorsky S-55.

Flock of Soko J-21 Jastreb's and few two-seat J-22 Orao's at back.

A two-seat J-22 Orao carry the insignia of Serbia & Montenegro Air Force which was active from 1992 till 2006.

Sud Aviation Caravelle was operated by Yugoslav Airlines.

F-86E & CL-13 Sabre served for the Yugoslavian air force after relations broke off with the Soviet Union in June 1948, a big number of this aircraft (around 120) were delivered after 1956; these aircraft came from both U.S and Canada.


Exclusively...for Air-Fanatics

This time i don't post photos for aircrafts or airports, I just share with you (who want to live with aircrafts, fighters and bombers every single minutes of his life)...furniture !! Yes..furniture are made of wreckages and remains of aircrafts shaped perfectly and with full of art..!!

I could have the chance to visit the booth of this company during the Milano Fiera this year, in the image above:
- Reception counter on the left made of engine of DC-8
- Reception chair is the seat of F-4 "Phantom"

- Bar counter cut from the engine of a Boeing 747
- Fin of motor of DC-3 (on the left of bar)

- Soft partition / artistic background cut from fuselage of DC or Boeing.



Overhaul Facility: ODESSA (Ukraine)

Odessa or Odesa airbase (ODS), an essential airport located in south of Ukraine on the northern coast of Black Sea, it contains an important repair facility for Mi, Mig and Sukhoi aircrafts, complete overhaul can take place at this facility for Mig-21,23,27 and repair for some part of Mig-29 can be done here as well.
The courtyard above is a "Salad" of whatever you wish to see..!! Mig-21, 23, 29 and Su-22 and L-39 in addition to Mi-8.

Panoramic view of the above courtyard in which most of the aircrafts carry the Ukrainian air force insignia, seems this parking is for permanently landed aircrafts as can be seen on Google Earth history most of them are in the same place since 2004 till 2009.

Not very far the active repair courtyard with same collection of aircrafts but with saturated camo and new look.

Su-22's seems to be from the Soviet era with over-painted red star at tail, Ukrainian L-39 with removed seats and Mig-23ML.

Some Yemenese Mig-21bis overhauled in this facility, Ukrainian Mig-23ML's behind.

Another arab air force was seen here is the Egyptian's; it came with two seat training Mig-21UM, unique camo for these EAF Mig's which were seen in Hurgada airbase.

Another variant of the Mig-21MF here above, EAF also uses the chinese version of Mig-21 which is called J-7 Airguard which can be recognized from the smaller frontal air-intake hole, behind 2 Angolan Mig-23UB's.


Overhaul Facility: ZAPOROZHYE (Ukraine)

Zaporozhye or Zaporizhia airbase (OZH), an airfield located in south-central Ukraine the home of a repair facility mostly famous with Mig-25's; In the map we can clearly recognize Mig-25's, Su-22's, Su-25's.

Group of Su-20/22's carry flashes of Ukrainian air force, according to some sources they were withdrawn from service and not serving anymore for this air force.

For these aged Mig-25's it seems that there is no interest to repair them, also seems that this airbase became a cemetery for these aircrafts.

79 Mig-25's were taken up from the USSR after break up, all withdrawn from service now.

Here , the undernose pubble is the IR system (similar to the Mig-23ML/MLD) that was first fitted to the Mig-25PD the most advanced variant of this aircraft.

Some tails here carry the soviet Red Star, one Su-22 is carrying like an acrobatic team camo; Far in the background many Mig-25PU's are landed also.

Some photos showed Algerian Mig-25's received maintenance in this facility, the ones shown here are all Ukrainian PD & PU; also renewed Su-20/22's in line seems are waiting for clients to inspect and "add to cart".

Is it allowed for public to visit and take photos here in this base!?!?! or shall we be "Lord of War" Nicolas Cage to come in and have a look?


SyAAF MiG-23ML (Part III)

I didn't give up, again I navigated the Google Earth...I found this nice map...Do you see the RED pin? it's not in Ukraine, nor Belarus even not Uzbekistan....but it's in RUSSIA !!!

Yep...it's in Russia itself..!! There is a city called Krasnodar.

In this city there is an airport...not a normal airport...it contains a huge and very important overhaul facility !!

More closer...do you see the RED arrow? wanna go closer?

OK...can you recognize it here?
It's the very same place where we saw that Syrian MiG-23ML !! the same place where there was an Uzbekistan Su-27 !! the same place where there are plenty of L-39's

Here we are...to make it easier for you, I rotate the map 180 degrees, I located the camera position and the angle of focal length which the below shown photo was taken.

OK...I leave it for you to compare the buildings one by one
1- Hanger of paint shop
2- Some old building
3- Segmented shelter
4- Higher & bigger building in the background with curved ceiling

Another fact is revealed !!