Aircraft & Air Vehicles Over Syria : UPDATED

I would like to share with you the UPDATED LIST of videos of aircraft and air vehicles spotted over Syria from the beginning of the Syrian uprising till today.

Again, this LIST doesn't include transport and attack helicopters like Mil Mi-8/17/25 due to the unlimited videos available for them over YouTube.


Photos of SyAAF MiG-21s


Few photos for SyAAF MiG-21's of different variants been collected from web and gathered to be posted here.
Starting with a MiG-21MF with four AA-2 Atoll missiles fitted on, might be photographed in Dhmeyr AFB (note the angular shape of HAS).

Another MiG-21MF with serial 1549 photographed in Dhmeyr AFB, this time with the Syrian hero Majeed Al Zughbi who claimed Seven air victories against IAF.

Another still for the same MiG-21MF.

A still for MiG-21 could be an 'M' variant as it carries the serial 19xx (a batch was delivered from East Germany shortly after the 1973 war) extracted from a media, referring to the old Syrian flag at the fin, it means this was videoed in late 1970s.

MiG-21FL in display somewhere...

MiG-21MF with serial 460, also in display at the entrance of Al Tabaqa AFB.

MiG-21PFM in a roundabout in Aleppo city.

A man examines the wreckage of a downed MiG-21bis with serial 2280 in Abu Dhour town.

Another photo for the remnant of the same MiG-21 which was downed in September 2012 after it just took off.


SyAAF MiG-23ML's in Krasnodar

Great finding on the web for few rare photos of SyAAF MiG-23ML units in Krasnodar airbase in Russia !!
These units were brought to the facility in that airbase to be overhauled and maintained, the above photo shows a unit with serial 2797; Note the washed-out Syrian flag on the fin !!

These are the same ML's been photographed here in this facility some few years ago (after been overhauled and repainted but without serials), can be seen in this POST

This unit with serial 2797 was coded (547) painted in white on the intake hole.

Another ML with serial 2798 coded (548) under cockpit.
Referring to the digital signature of these images shows that the first three were taken on 6 & 11 June 2008, while the last one here was dated 28 December 2010.

p.s. special thanks for "robi"


SyAAF Aircraft in Action !!

More stills for SyAAF units of different types could be taken while in action.
Let's start with the L-39's which conduct air raids over Aleppo and recently over Raqqa (providing that some units are based in Kshesh airbase which is very close to Raqqa).
Above a unit carries serial 2112 spotted somewhere over Aleppo province.

This could be the last photo for this L-39 with serial 2119 downed on 19 November 2012 near Ain Jara town in Aleppo province (Source: CNN).

A still I extracted from an HD video shows an L-39 with serial 2125 spotted over Raqqa.

MiG-21 spotted over Jarjanaz town - Idleb province, on 1 September 2012.

Su-22M-3 releasing FAB-500.

Another stills for Su-22M-3 extracted from an HD video spotted while bombing Ma'arret Annu'man town on 10 October 2012.

Another still for the same Su-22 carrying two FAB-500's fitted to the pylons of the wing roots, the two bombs on the belly pylons look like cluster ones.

Clear still for a Su-24MK loaded with eight free-falling bombs maneuvering over Jabal Azzawiyah in Idleb province before it released its hell, dated 21 November 2012.


Photos of SyAAF MBB 223 Flamingo

I believe these should be the only available photos for SyAAF primary trainer MBB 223 Flamingo (in addition to the still extracted from the video posted HERE...real rare stuff !!

Deliveries of this light trainer took place from mid to late1970s, 45 units were delivered first, followed by 17 units after 4~5 years.
One or both of these two batches flew from West Germany in direct flight to Syria, for this purpose, the second seat was removed for the sake of additional temporary fuel tank for this long trip.

The photos above are for a SyAAF Flamingo with serial 1719 based in Mennekh airbase (Mi-8 with serial 273 in the background) Czechoslovakian or Russian instructors photographed here.
Syrian Flamingo's are based in Rasm Al Abboud (east of Aleppo) and in Mennekh (north of Aleppo), it's good to know also that not all SyAAF Flamingo's are camouflaged like the one here, some are painted in light blue with white strips.


SyAAF Su-24MK in Action

Syrian regime did not save any kind of "Killing Machines" to destroy beautiful Syria and bomb towns and villages even with civilians are there !!

The bomber Su-24MK which should be reserved for attacking enemy's front lines in real wars performed sorties almost all over Syria, of course due to the fact it should be flying in high altitude, it could not be videoed as much as Su-22's and MiG-23BN's...

The first video -I could find- published for a SyAAF Su-24MK was in Idelb province near Mhambel town, when it was carrying out air raids over FSyA units whom were besieging Assadist Army in Ma'sarah checkpoint on 2 November 2012.

The next unit was seen over Eastern Gouta of Damascus on 3 November 2012.

Another video in the same place, same date.

The same date, but this time over Bennesh town in Idleb province.

Another one was spotted in the same date bombing Taftanaz town in Idleb also.

On 4 November 2012, Su-24MKs continued their air raids over Eastern Ghouta towns in Damascus.

Today, 15 November 2012, it was videoed over Saraqeb in Idleb province.

Another video for a Su-24MK in the same place, today also...


Although it is the worst video for Syrian regime's aircraft killing innocents, women and children...but these are the best video for SyAAF Su-24MKs for the good resolution and showing the moment it is releasing free-fall bombs over Taftanaz in Idleb, and towards the camera holder himself whom got panicked and said the "Shahadatain" !! (the first video)


Updated AFB's on Google Earth - Oct.17th 2012

Again...to the series of Updated AFB's on GE, and this time starting with Yemen, Sana'a International Airport, in which we can see that the Su-22s are shifted to the main yard (13 units), four MiG-29s can be seen in addition to three F-5 Tiger II.

To U.A.E, and specifically to Abu Dhabi, Al Dhafra AFB, which is half-updated, five AWACSs are parked aside some tankers.
Unfortunately, this update didn't show the F-22s newly deployed in U.A.E !! 

Algeria, Aguenar AFB, located in the heart of Sahara, it shows four Su-24s in addition to two Su-30MKA.

Ukraine, Hvardiis'ke AFB, the strange thing is that all images of Su-24s available in Panoramio show them carrying the Russian red star ?!? Around 25 Su-24s can be seen here, not all look operational.

The famous Engel AFB, the home base of the white Tu-160s, is updated too !!
Eleven bombers of this type can be seen here in addition to fourteen Tu-95s.

Another Russian base is Khanskaya AFB, which looks to be either a training base or it does include a maintenance facility as it includes not less than 43 L-39s trainers parked in the eastern yard in addition to few accompanied with phased-out MiG-23s looks to be stored or withdrawn from service in the western yard.

China, LiuLang airbase, shows few J-7s in both eastern and western exposed yards.

Still in China, Xi'an Xiguan AFB, a home base for the H-6 heavy bombers, at least 15 units can be seen here.

To the U.S., the land of HD aerial images and starting with JBLM McChord AFB, an F-22 Raptor can be seen here, aside many C-7s military transporters.
Nicely-configured small exposed museum for aircraft here !!

Portland Int'l airport, at least nine F-15 are parked here.

Tinker AFB !! realy WOW for the high resolution here which shows the agile B-1B with many B-52s and AWACS's here !!

Tulsa airport, seven F-16s can be seen here.

Whiteman AFB, the home base of the B2 Spirit stealth bombers (which unfortunately all look to be parked under roof).
A-10s, Apache's, and T-38s can be seen here (unless those are F-5s??)
Camouflaged B-52 in display near the gate of this base, looks to be one of those took part in carpet bombing somewhere over Vietnam ?!


Aircraft & Air Vehicles Over Syria

While updating the LIST of aircraft spotted in Syria, I found few interesting videos:

Syrian Airline Tu-154 landing in the military airbase in Hama city, 14 July 2012.

Gazelle scouting over Darayyah town, Damascus country, few videos are available in the LIST, this one is dated 20 March 2012.

Syrian Airline Yak-40 spotted flying over Al Qsair town, Homs country, 2 May 2012.

UAV spotted scouting over Kafar Batna town, Damascus country, 6 February 2012.

Another UAV spotted flying over Homs city, 14 April 2012.

Later, on 7 July 2012 another UAV appeared flying again over Kafar Batna town, Damascus country.

The recent UAV appeared over Talbeeseh town, Homs country, 21 September 2012.

Very strange propeller appeared over Al Atareb town, Aleppo country on 13 March 2012.
Can anyone recognize this air vehicle which wasn't seen before? Is it one of those could be seen in Al Qsair AFB as per the below aerial image (one of the four airplanes) ?

Note there are two types of propellers in this yard.

If the footage here is true in Syria, then this will be the first appearance of a Harbin Z-9 helicopter spotted on 13 May 2012 over Darayyah town, near Mazzeh AFB in Damascus, this should be used for VIP or even Assad family transporting.

The first appearance in media for a SyAAF Su-24MK in action in Idleb province, dispensing flares while maneuvering and bombing Free Syrian Army units besieging Al Ma'sara checkpoint near Mhambel town !!

I left the most strange video to the last, it's a real UH-1 Huey said to be flying over the borderline town of Talkalakh on 21 September 2012 !!!!
Again, if the footage is real, then there are two theories, it might be a Lebanese (FAL) Huey patrolling near the border, or it is an Iranian (IRIAF) unit been transferred to Syria !!

Again a pair of Huey's were spotted flying over Al Qsair town in Homs country as said in the video, the publishing date of this video is 22 September 2012.
The last theory of these Huey's is they might be videoed flying in the Lebanese sky, but said to be in the Syrian sky !?!?


Aircraft Spotted Over Syria

Here, I would share with you a date-wise LIST of videos I prepared for aircraft spotted over Syria since the Uprising started.

This LIST includes aircraft in bombing sorties and air raids over cities and towns, also some were spotted landing and taking off from military airbases in addition to few UAV's spotted scouting somewhere.

This list doesn't include Helicopter due to the unlimited videos available for them on web.


Photos of SyAAF Mil Mi-17s (Part II)

I post here in the second part some photos of the SyAAF Mil Mi-17 published on web after the Syrian uprising.
The photo above is for a Mi-17 with serial 2976 been photographed somewhere over Damascus during the mass of "we love you Bashar" .

This one was taken during the live fire maneuvers took place on July 10th this year, representing two Mi-17s dropping units.

Closer photo for a Mi-17, serial looks like 2978?

Another Mi-17 with serial 2996 or 2961?

SyAAF Mi-17 carrying units, serial is unreadable here.
The further box fitted to the bottom of the boom looks like a chaff/flares dispenser.

Pair of SyAAF Mi-17s over Damascus.

Syrian regime deployed the Mi-17 fleet intensively in bombing and shelling cities and towns all over Syria, While the Free Syrian Army did great efforts in bringing down and damaging tens of these helis.
This one here is fitted with four unguided rockets pods, in addition to load it with locally made TNT barrels.

Another trio spotted over Damascus.

Mi-17 with serial 2932 over Damascus.

Another one here with serial 2968.
Considering that units of various numbers are available in almost every air base of the SyAAF, while the main home bases of the Mi-8/17s are:
- Mennekh (36°31'19.84"N 37° 2'23.32"E)
- Taftanaz (35°58'20.27"N 36°46'48.50"E)
- Neyrab (36°11'2.21"N 37°13'25.43"E)
- Set Zeinab (33°27'30.12"N 36°21'23.19"E)
- Qabr Assit (33°30'3.74"N 36°28'0.89"E)
- Marj Essultan (33°29'8.39"N 36°28'30.17"E)


Photos of SyAAF Mil Mi-17s (Part I)

In these posts I collected most of the available photos of SyAAF Mil Mi-17s; The first part shows the photos published on web pre-Syrian uprising.
Above is a wonderful shot for a Mi-17 in a unique-camouflage which represent slightly different tones than the other SyAAF Mi-17s seen usually.
This one comes with serial 25 (i.e 2925), the same exercise of Mi-8 (two white digits typed on the fuselage, the complete four-digits serial is painted either in black or white on the boom). 

This one carries the serial 2963, seems these both were spotted in the same period.

Great shot for a Mi-17 with serial 2968 making a turn over the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmor).

The same here.

Close shot shows the belly of a newly re-painted Mi-17, can't confirm here whether it is the 2925 or 2963.

This Mi-17 looks to be photographed in one of the airbases in Ghouta of Damascus, as these bases "were" totally exposed to the surrounding before they built block fence around in late 2000s.