Photos of SyAAF Su-22s

After the MiGs, we are moving to the Sukhoi family airframes those served and still serving with the SyAAF. Although the SyAAF acquired the Su-7 and Su-20, but due to the lack of photos of these aircraft I would start posting some photos for the Su-22's.
Above is a very rare shot of pair of Su-22M-3 been taken by Syrian military media while taking off.

Another rare still but this time for a pair of the mighty Su-22M-4. This shot has appeared after the Syrian uprising. These M-4's look to wear the Dark Olive Green camo.

Another SyAAF Su-22M-3 it carries the chaff/flares dispenser mounted on the top of the rear fuselage those are locally fitted to this aircraft (same as what we saw on the Syrian MiG-21bis and MiG-23ML's). I wouldn't say this is an M-4 variant since it lacks the rails for R-60 air-to-air missiles.

Clear shot for a SyAAF Su-22M-4.

SyAAF Su-22M-4 fitted with two FAB's under belly seen in action during the uprising.

This Su-22M was seen maneuvering somewhere over Idleb, fitted with two fuel tanks under wings and two bombs under belly.

Similarly, a Su-22-M was spotted over Saraqeb (Idleb province) on 6th June 2013. The SyAAF Su-22 fleet is distributed over T-4, Sh'eirat and Dhmeyr AFB's.

Over Damascus, a Su-22M-3, particularly over Yalda, and for the first time seen fitted with B-8 unguided rockets pods.