SyAAF MiG-21 Crashed (2016-07-14)

Today, a SyAAF MiG-21 could be operating from either Deir EzZour AB or even from Qamishli airport is crashed near Deir EzZour city resulting on the death of pilot Col. Maher Kash'oor "العقيد ماهر جابر قشعور" .
It is not confirmed as well whether the jet has crashed due to a technical failure -as know, Soviet jets becomes less efficient in hot weather especially that area is witnessing 45+ degrees temperature these days- or shot down by ISIS as claimed by their media.
Footage of crash site can be seen in this VIDEO.


  1. Here I found http://www.all4syria.info/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/13709903_645899845565060_1488143861101542474_n.jpg photo of SyAAF pilot claimed as mahir jabir qasheur in cocpit of MiG-21UM.

    Regards Milos984

    1. Thanks Milos! Recently and from some videos, I can tell there is one bis and one UM operational in Deir EzZour AB, unless the pilot was operating from Qamishli AB which has 3 operational MiG-21s (at least 2 bis)

    2. There has also been a couple of operational Mig-21MFs with the serial 15xx in Deir EzZour. Spotted in an ANNA News video and an arab channel.

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