SyAAF Units Photos From Syrian Army 2015 Calendar

SyAAF L-39ZO in Kweres, serial is intentionally blurred

I would like to share with my audiences photos from Syrian Army 2015 calendar, of course I excluded those of SyAF, SyAADF and Navy ;)

SyAAF Mi-25, seems he forgot to blur the serial 2858 written under canopy ;)

SyAAF Mi-17

SyAAF SA 342 Gazelle

Formation of SyAAF Su-24M2, note the different pylons/rails fitted under each Fencer

SyAAF MiG-29S, note the different pylons/rails fitted under each Fulcrum

Syrian Navy Ka-28

Formation of SyAAF MiG-29S

Formation of SyAAF Mi-17 mostly photographed over Damascus in 2011/2012

Formation of SyAAF L-39ZA/ZO

SyAAF Mi-17

SyAAF Mi-25 photographed during the live fire maneuvers in 2012

SyAAF SA 342 Gazelles

SyAAF Mi-17 with serial 2966

Syrian Navy Ka-28

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