SyAAF L-39 Albatros - Updated IV

The most beautiful still for SyAAF units ever! The aerobatic team represented by L-39's passing over Rasm Al Abboud (Kweres) AFB sometime in early 2000's. 

It's abnormal to see a Syrian Albatros had its fin tip tinted in Red. This armed L-39ZO carries the number 2052.

A 2007 dated 'Selfie' taken in Kshesh (Jarrah) AFB shows an L-39ZO with serial 2060.

A still in Kweres airbase shows row of L-39ZO's on the secondary western tarmac, one of which carries the serial 2096.

Again in Kweres airbase, a still shows an L-39ZA carries the serial 2127 and fitted with FAB-100 bombs.

This looks as well in Kweres AFB.

Row of L-39's in Neyrab airbase on tarmac infront of the overhaul facility, these Albatroses carried out extensive sorties over Aleppo area last year. Note the fin of the MiG-23MLD to the far left of the photo.

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