SyAAF MiG-23BN Over Damascus - Part II

SyAAF MiG-23BN photographed the moment it dropped a FAB bomb over Erbeen on 21st April, 2014.

A stunning side shut for a BN spotted over Mleha on 1st May, 2014.

Another BN accelerating and climbing over Mleha after a ground attack sortie on 18th April, 2014.

Another BN, the same day.

This one was spotted on 24th May, 2014 also over Mleha.


  1. Great blog, I check it every day for new material.
    Do we know, the approximate number of flyable aircraft left in the SAAF?

    I wonder they are able to keep their obsolete MiG 21s, MiG 23s and SU 22 flying 3,5 years into the conflict....

    1. Thanks! With your support I will work harder to satisfy our audiences ;)
      Actually, regarding the number of operational units left in the SyAAF, I'm working on an estimation which will be posted soon here.

  2. agreed, great blog. would also like to now approx number of flyable aircraft

    1. Many thanks for you too ! working on it, will be posted soon ;)