SyAAF Various VI

MBB/Siat 223 Flamingo photographed in Kweres (Rasm El-Abboud) AFB prior to shifting these basic trainers from the central tarmac to hide them behind the ceremony stage.
SyAAF L-29 Delfín in display at the gate guard of Kweres AFB.

The only available photo of MFI-17 Mushshak. SyAAF received two examples of this Pakistani made basic trainer and both are based in Kweres AFB as well.

SyAAF MiG-17 in display in the famous 'Al-Tayyara' roundabout in Deir EzZour city.

One of the rarest photos of a camouflaged SyAAF MiG-17. This still is taken at Kshesh AFB in 1984.

SyAAF An-26 photographed landing in Hama AFB on 14th May 2014.

Syrian Air IL-76T YK-ATB in an unidentified airfield.

The only and historical flight of the Syrian Air YK-SQG Yak-40 from Damascus IAP to Aleppo IAP on 22nd Jan. 2014 after almost a year of halting flight to the latter.

Another take of the same Yak-40 in Aleppo IAP, no news about any other civil transporter landed in Aleppo IAP since that event.

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