SyAAF Su-24M2 Shot Down (2012-11-28)

On 28th Nov. 2012, the FSyA units scored their first kill against the most advanced SyAAF aircraft, the Su-24M2.
The Syrian Fencer -serial is still unknown so far- which home base is the T4, carried out an attack sortie in the county of Aleppo before a 9K38 Igla MANPAD successfully hit the aircraft in its way returning to base and brought it down 25km to the west of Aleppo in Daret Ezzeh 'دارة عزة' town.
Both pilot Colonel Ziad Dawod 'العقيد زياد داود' and co-pilot -non confirmed- Major Akram Hammoudi 'الرائد أكرم حمودي' ejected at that moment; Rebels drove Lt. Ziad to the hospital of Termanin where he died there suffering serious injuries led to his death as can be seen in various videos, while the fate of the co-pilot is still a mystery till moment.

Exclusive photo for Abu Omair with his Igla, the responsible for shooting down the mighty Syrian Su-24M2.


  1. If I remember correctly, it was claimed that the Mi-17 shot down in the same area a day before was also downed by the same guy.

    BTW, aren't those the first confirmed MANPADS kills in the Syrian Civil War?

    1. Yes, true, the day before (2012-11-27) a SyAAF Mi-17 was hit by a MANPAD in a famous video, resulting in its 'very' emergency landing in Qabtan El-Jabal town and crash eventually, I believe no one could survive that landing, plz see it here:

      Actually, 28th Nov. 2012, recorded TWO incidents of downing a SyAAF aircraft, one of them the famous Su-24M2 posted here, while the other is an L-39 -as reported in the link you provided me in skywar.ru- and it sounds true, as I could find videos for the KIA Lt. instructor and the POW Major pilot whose aircraft crashed over Al-Mentar town -I believe they were in their way to attack rebels those overrun the SAM site nearby- as can be seen here:

      As you said, these are the first confirmed MANPAD kills recorded since the start of the unrest!

  2. Do you have a data base of Syrian Air Force losses so far?

    1. Are you spying at my computer????? :P
      Yes I do, and just finished it yesterday, will prepare it in a good fashion and post it soon.

    2. Wonderful news, thank you for your hard work!