SyAAF Su-22M-3 Shot Down (2013-07-25)

On 25th July 2013, a video from Tabqa town was published stating that a 'MiG' was hit by rebels and crashed not very far from Tabqa AFB, the footage confirms the accident as can be seen HERE. Later on and just recently, It is confirmed by pro-regime news that the Colonel Malek Muhammad Abbas ’العقيد الطيار مالك محمد عباس’ was KIA while carrying out an attack sortie over Al-Tabqa area, that date.

Luftwaffe A.S' own sources confirmed he was flying a Su-22M-3 based in Sh'eirat AFB, the Su-22 in question can be seen above.


  1. Hi, is this bomb FAB-250 or FAB-100 ?

  2. Good news .One less war criminal on earth.