Photos of SyAAF MiG-23BN (Flogger H)

The newest photo of this bomber/attack variant of MiG-23 appeared in a video recently published in the anniversary of Teshreen war of 1973.
The BN in question appeared carrying a new serial 2409, which means the SyAAF might received this variant in two batches, the first batch carried the serial 16xx while the new batch is serialed 24xx.

MiG-23BN spotted flying over Damascus on 1st June 2014.

MiG-23BN was spotted over Joubar (Damascus) on 13th June 2014.

Another MiG-23BN was spotted over Joubar as well on 25th May 2014.

The BN joined intensively in the offensive of Mleha earlier this year, this one was spotted releasing a FAB over Mleha on 29th April 2014.

In many videos, the BN was spotted taking off from Dmeyr AFB, this one was photographed on 7th Nov. 2012 flying low over Dmeyr town.

MiG-23BN spotted maneuvering over Eastern Ghouta of Damascus on 8th June 2014.

Stunning shot for a SyAAF MiG-23BN shortly after it landed in unidentified airfield, notice the double-bomb rack under wing pylons.

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