SyAAF From The Archive - Part VI

Some of the ever rarest historical photos of SyAAF units EXCLUSIVELY owned by Luftwaffe A.S blog I wanted to post here to allow our great audiences have a look on!
I select the Mil Mi-1 to start with as it was never seen before, even never thought to be delivered to Syrian Air Force! The Mi-1 here appears in a footage of an exercise, notice the soldier jumping down from this mini helicopter.

The Mi-1 appeared again in another shot in a pair following a Mil Mi-4, it's still unknown when and how many units of each type was delivered to SyAAF.

A pair of Syrian Mi-1 passing over Damascus during the ceremony of Syrian Air Force anniversary.

The only photo for the SyAAF Beagle Il-28 in flight!! Here it appears accompanied with a pair of MiG-17 passing low over Damascus in the SyAAF anniversary.

Photo for one of the early examples of SyAAF MBB 223 Flamingo serialed 2157, used to be camouflaged in White & Blue.
Formation of SyAAF MiG-17, the absolute beauty of the Syrian Air Force!

Rare photo for a formation of SyAAF Su-20's.

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