Photos of SyAAF MiG-21s - Updated IV

More and more for-the-first-time-to-be-seen photos of Syrian MiG-21 are collected and posted hereunder...Enjoy!

SyAAF MiG-21 (unknown variant) at the gate guard of Kweres AFB
SyAAF MiG-21FL at the main road entrance to Kweres AFB
The same MiG-21FL at the main road entrance to Kweres AFB

SyAAF MiG-21MF with serial 1523 in Dhab'a AFB as photographed by rebels
What remains from the SyAAF MiG-21MF with serial 1554 in Dhab'a AFB
as photographed after the retake of the airbase by Syrian Army

SyAAF MiG-21MF with serial 1598 (in the front) at the back another two MiG-21MF's
one of them carries the serial 1571 in Deir EzZour AFB

Side photo for the SyAAF 1571 MiG-21MF and the tail of the 1598 MiG-21MF
at Deir EzZour AFB
Stunning shot for the only left example of a SyAAF MiG-21PFM (a special variant
known as SPS) in display at a roundabout in Aleppo city
The same PFM can be seen here at the background


  1. Why do we care about Mig 21, such a poor and old air craft, in the 60's it was not bad, in the 80's it was so bad against the israelies who shot down 100 syrian planes while only 2 israelies were down )lebanon war). Publish please pics and vids from the better air basese, dumar, t4, darderan, bley, mig 29, su-24 etc'. Let us hear a pailot in his cocpit, we love your blof but make it better.

    1. OK OK friend :) I'm too bored of the MiG-21 posts, you have to expect at least another 2 photo updated for this 'Antique' aircraft which I deeply love...anyway, not next, but in the coming months.
      I have plenty of never seen photos for other aircraft but will post when I have time to do so...I'm totally occupied with something in my hands nowadays...but stay tuned for the coming ;)

    2. Remember that until few months ago there were no decent photos of in service SAF MIG-21 anywhere on the web and it is not an antique in the ME although would be in Western skies
      Also majority of photos are of damaged out of service MIGs so still need plenty of photos of in service active Migs AND PLEASE SU-22,SU-24 of course!

  2. Please...do not label them Rebells, they are Terrorists and nothing more.

  3. Thank you for the very interesting blog!
    For me I can’t get enough mig-21 photos – no mater damaged or in service.
    For the second mig-21 photo (SyAAF MiG-21FL at the main road entrance to Kweres AFB) you can see more of that plane at Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/libyan_soup/2811311924/in/photostream/
    I’m not sure if you have to subscribe to see all four photos