Eye-Catching AFB: T4 (Syria) - UPDATED

'Apple Maps' did it again and is the first among others alike to reveal new aerial imagery of the Syrian secretive T4 AFB which is for sure taken recently (let's say 2 years old maximum).
Above is a KEYMAP shows the crops I did below:
View 1: The north eastern HAS's those used to shelter the mighty MiG-25's before the mass phasing-out of this interceptor.
Nothing changed in this sector comparing to the last AERIAL IMAGERY Apple Maps revealed on Sep. 2012 except one MiG-25 towed into an exposed aircraft pin at the furthest north of these HAS's.

View 2: Nothing changed here as well, ten phased-out/stored MiG-25's and the Su-22M stayed in its place over the engine test pad.

View 3: Here we can see four MiG-25's newly towed out and set randomly on sand, raising the number of the officially seen phased-out / in storage Syrian Foxbats to 32 units.

View 4: Among these seven MiG-25's seen here, one is newly shifted to an exposed aircraft pin. 

View 5: Note the enormous volume of armament green wooden crates at the Su-24M2 eastern tarmac!!

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  1. Why use an "old" satellite picture , when you have a recent VIDEO !