SyAAF MiG-23MLD in Service (Part II)

Again thanks to our Syrian singer Mr. Kaz'our and special thanks to our 'Anonymous' friend for providing this photo shows wider view of the SyAAF MiG-23 which still confirms itself as an MLD variant.

The 'Vortex Generator' is truly not that easy to distinguish here in this shot as it goes perpendicular on the beam of the camera target point, anyway, I line it here above in red to understand its edges.
The serial looks to me x400, but I would respect erased24 (from ACIG) point of view it may read 4000.
I studied the location as well and came to a conclusion that this MLD is no doubt deployed at Sh'eirat AFB at the eastern tarmac as stipulated below.

The visible landmarks in the newly revealed photo showing the suspected location of the MiG-23MLD (Green dot) in addition to the location and direction of the camera just beside.

Another rear view for the same MLD with our hero whom I wish he could make more shots inside SyAAF airbases ;)


  1. Another update for you, I have seen this described as a Mig-23 but it looks more like an L-39 to me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZdvzL94GrA

    1. Exactly, these are L-39's on the tarmac of the military section in Neyrab airbase (Aleppo IAP), one received a direct hit by a U.S. Made TOW atgm while the other beside became inoperational due to the impact of the explosion.

  2. "The serial looks to me x400, but I would respect erased24 (from ACIG) point of view it may read 4000"
    right! i have 4005 photoproof

    note: 2791 on air intake.


    src: http://imp-navigator.livejournal.com/297191.html