SyAAF MiG-23MLD in Service (Part I)

While the conflict is going on in Syria, a Syrian singer's -Rami Kaz'our رامي كزعور- Facebook page has revealed his photo in front of a MiG-23 in unidentified airbase. This is not any MiG-23, it's the most advanced and latest to join the SyAAF, the MLD!!! The serial is hardly reads x400 and could be 1400.
Before the conflict, the MLD's were partially distributed in not a single AFB, as some were deployed at Sh'eirat, Khelkhleh, Dmeyr and Seen.

Crop by LuftwaffeAS

 I left the Chaff/Flares dispenser colored here above, to enable our audiences understand the 'landmark' which enabled me identify this Flogger.

Source: Internet

This is the closest shot I could find over web for an MLD taken at similar angle but little further back, in which we can see the location of the Chaff/Flares dispensers comparing to the AA missile pylon mounted below. 
Source: ACIG.org

The newly revealed photo confirms that the ex-Belarusian Floggers were not left in their original camo or even repainted as the MiG-23ML's those were overhauled in Russia sometime between 2008 and 2010 -3 Colors Camo-, instead, they received the 'Typical' Syrian colors as shown in the above crop, as applied on any MiG-21, MiG-23 and even Su-22M those entered the overhaul facility at Neyrab airbase which is known as the 'Factory'.


  1. No way, it's just a MiG-23 (model 23-22) MLD-Export (MLAE-2) -) with syrian-made chaff/flare disperser

    NO VORTEX GENERATOR's seen on wing root! only SPO-15 panels (only 23-22 have that type wing root)


    1. Ohh!!! Anyway, thanks for your notification...would you please explain more about this MLAE-2 variant? Is it originally an ML? Was it modernized locally?
      Can we consider it a special/export MLD variant although the Vortex Generator are not available at its wing root?

  2. 23-22 is export version for MLD family

    Difference between 23-12A->ML(also know at MLA, MLAE on some sources "A"- Ametist Radar) & 23-22 MLD Export (aka MLAE-2) :

    - RWR: SPO-10 replaced by SPO-15 (two plastic panels on root wing instead one on ML)

    - R-24 supported (only last series of ML for Iraq & Bulgaria (MLA local name) also support this, note: Angola use only second-hand soviet MiG-23ML's with R-24 support)

    - Radar N003E (Export version of N003 Sapfir-23MLA "Ametist" radar) replaced by N008E (Export version N008 "Sapfir-23MLA2 "Ametist-2" radar, that used on 23-18 "true" MLD)

    - Chaff/flare dispenser on centerline pylon - 16 charges

    23-22 MLD export production:

    16 new planes for Bulgaria 1984-85 c/n are:

    2960325385, 2960325386, 2960325389, 2960325390, 2960325391, 2960325392, 2960325395, 2960325396, 2960327203, 2960327204, 2960327205, 2960327211, 2960327212, 2960327215,
    2960327217, 2960327219

    25-50 new planes for libya 1984-85 known c\n

    2960325397, 2960326117, 2960326118, 2960326127, 2960326130, 2960326132, 2960326133,
    2960326148, 2960326451, 2960326452, 2960326455, 2960326461, 2960326472, 2960326474,

    ~ 20 23-12A mfd 1982 converted to 23-22 for Syria at 1985-86 also with additional Chaff/flare dispenser near engine known serial & c\n

    0390324518, 0390324522(2786), 0390324525, 0390324526, 0390324529, 0390324533,
    0390324538, 0390324546(2796), 0390324547(2797), 0390324548 (2798), 0390324615(2799)

    1. Very interesting!! I have few questions for you about deliveries and units, may I ask you drop me your e-mail?