Photos from SyAAF TABQA AFB (Part V)

The updated and most comprehensive post about Tabqa AFB is ready now to be shared with our audiences!
Before you start scrolling down, it would be highly recommended to download the KEYMAP of this airbase in order to understand the location of the seen airframes in the footages of videos and photos appeared so far.
I would specially thank our friend Peter Weinert for his to-bone contribution to realize the final KEYMAP which enabled us relatively locate each seen aircraft as precise as possible, in addition to providing me some valuable photos for serials never seen before! Thanks again Pit, thanks Tom Cooper as well!
Accordingly, we could survey the following airframes:

- 2217

- 460
- 471
- 1543
- 1568
- 1569
- 3 unknown serial

- 1810

- 545
- 560
- 571
- 2357
- 2360
- 2 unknown serial

MiG-21 (Unknown Variant)
- 1915
- 8 unknown serial

That in addition to one MiG-15UTI and few scrapped MiG-21's in the bone yard to the east part of the airfield.
A new photo for the 2360 MiG-21UM.
Good shot for the 2357 MiG-21UM.

The same 2357 MiG-21UM here as well.

This shot is taken over the furthest western double HAS in this airbase showing the 571 serialed MiG-21UM.

Closer shot at this trainer.

The camera man is standing over the same HAS but looking this time north east to reveal the only photo for the 545 MiG-21UM.

At the bottom of this double HAS, a scrapped rear fuselage of a MiG-21 carrying the serial which hardly may read 1915.

We counted 6 MiG-21M/MF's been towed out after 2012 -three left with unknown serials- as they cannot be located over any electronic map so far...

A great shot shows the profile of the 1568 MiG-21MF.

The famous 460 MiG-21MF...

The only MiG-21bis left in this AFB with serial 2217.

MiG-21 can be seen through the HAS #6 at the eastern side of the base.
R-3 Air-to-Air missiles left inside a HAS as well.

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