Photos from SyAAF NEYRAB AFB (Aleppo IAP)

Few rare shots I could find taken in the air force base -currently more than an international airport- of Neyrab, since almost two years this air base has been playing a serious role in the attack sorties the SyAAF is conducting against Aleppo city and its country.
This base has been attacked by FSyA many times, been under siege for few months, resulted in a suspected damage to a Syrian Air Il-76 has been stationed there and seen along a year in its place on the main tarmac of the civilian part.

No surprise to see the L-39's are still flying these days over Aleppo which the last one was spotted just yesterday, as 'The Factory' in this base keeps them operational.

Above, a photo for an armed L-39ZA carrying the serial 2145 spotted a year ago firing unguided rockets and releasing FAB's over Aleppo. Beside it another L-39ZA with serial 2130.  

Another shot for one of these L-39ZA's with its rocket pods. 

A shot from distance for the tarmac of the military section of the base showing the frontal hangars of 'The Factory' with four L-39's infront. In many aerial images and various videos for this area, there were around four MiG-23's left, probably are UB variants.

Returning back to the civilian section where few Mi-8's are parking there. The above carries the serial 35.

Another Mi-8 beside, with serial 79 (having its complete serial number 379).

Finally, a shot for the Il-28 in its place with a fuselage of a Meteor lies infront.

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