Yes, true, as never seen before!! Again the SyAAF SEEN AFB is updated on the electronic maps, but this time BING did it, and did it perfectly!!
You can refer to the previous POST in order to get more info about this base and for better comparison about the novelties of aircraft and layout and the most important this is the SyAADF newly deployed in this base.
As always, I would start this post with a key map for the air field which indicated the enlarged crops I list below:

View 1: Three MiG-29's on main tarmac. Note that the camo of the unit at the bottom looks almost plain, which confirms that there is not unified camo for all SyAAF MiG-29's.

View 2: Another MiG-29 can be seen on the pad where maintenance team test engines after being overhauled.

View 3: A new MiG-23 is added -first from the bottom- to the phased out units of this type.

View 4: Six phased out MiG-21's. Note the scrapped wingless fuselage of a Su-7.

View 5: The MiG-25RB continues its rest in the same place after its accident some time in early 2000's.

View 6: As mentioned above, these are the major novelties seen in this air base: the new SyAADF systems deployed here and there all around the airfield.
I'm not an expert with types of SAM's, I may tell that these trucks are supposed to be carrying SA-2 or even the S-200 missiles. I would prefer to leave it for experts to indicate the type of SAM system deployed in this spot. 

View 7: The trucks at the bottom which carries two missiles, look SA-3.

View 8: These are for sure launchers of SA-3.

View 9: Another batch of trucks carrying SA-2.

View 10: Launchers of SA-2.

View 11: Launchers of SA-3.
As I said, these systems are newly deployed around the base, as you can see clearly they were just laid in place even without ground preparations.

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  1. AnonymousMay 06, 2014


    The SA-2 trans-loader can only carry one missile, while the SA-3 can carry and load 2 rockets at the same time. The S-200 site is a very large thing that can be spotted easily.