Photos of SyAAF MiG-21s - Updated II

Updating the photo archive of Syrian MiG-21's with new interesting stuff from the period before and after the current Syrian uprising.
Starting to a photo for the MiG-21R which is in display in Teshreen Panorama in Damascus. This photo is one of the first being taken for this aircraft since the reg. number is still readable 676, as recently the plane received new paint with terrible froggy patterned camo where the serial number is hidden completely -I prefer not to post here at all.

Another shot for the same reconnaissance variant (note the wing tips which are different than any other fighter variant of this type). Here it's equipped with 2 x AA2 Atol's with 2 x UB-16 unguided rocket pod (thanks to Oryx for his latest post about pods). BUT, because of the style of the post carrying the aircraft, it was impossible to mount the very famous camera pod on the centreline pylon.

Again, new photos for the monumental SyAAF MiG-21FL at the main entrance of Kweres AFB, this time while rebels are shelling the base with locally made rockets.

Another take for the same FL in a foggy ambiance as hardly we can see the signage of the Air Force Academy on the furthest right.

The MiG-21MF served for the SyAAF for more than 40 years. I believe there are no more survivors of this type nowadays. Thus, I would consider any post-uprising spotted MiG-21 is a 'bis'. Here is one releasing two S-24 air-to-surface unguided missiles.

Not to forget the second MiG-21bis with serial 2280 downed just after taking off from Abu DhHour AFB in August 2012.

SyAAF MiG-21bis maneuvering over Tabqa town (near Euphrates Dam).

Another bis accelerating after releasing its load somewhere near Tabqa town.

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