Photos of SyAAF MiG-15/17's

Few stills of SyAAF MiG-15's and MiG-17's I collected from many sources, gathered them in a post to share them with you.
For the 40th anniversary of Teshreen war, I would choose to start with a MiG-17 in display in Deir EzZour, the birthplace of the great ace Ghassan Abboud who could downed Six Israeli aircraft during the war.

Another shot for the same MiG-17 which is in display in a roundabout in the city which is known as 'aircraft roundabout'. I'm not sure here whether the camo is original since the serial numbers are over-painted.

Rare shot for a SyAAF MiG-17 with its serial number 1219. Infront, the pilot Riyadh Ali Hmesheh who was martyred during the aerial combats over Lebanon in 1982.

Another MiG-17 in display, but I could not recognize the location. It carries the serial 1159.

MiG-15bis also in display in Aleppo city.

Another shot for the same. The insignia under the cockpit is probably the Air Force Academy's.


  1. ...The pilot is Mudar Nizar Jdeed, KIA during the recent uprising...
    Some additional infomations, what position he was recently? If I understand it correctly, then the photo is form times around 1973 war.

    1. Milos, I believe I've hastened mentioning the pilot name, He is not Mudar Nizar Jdeed, I already omitted that from the post although it was mentioned in the source of the photo his name as the pilot in the image.
      I referred to his FB page, I found that he KIA recently and he is just a Captain..it means that he didn't even see the MiG-17 flying when he joined the SyAAF

    2. OK, no problem.