Photos from SyAAF KWERES AFB (Part I)

It's not Green yet, unfortunately, but soon will be.
Kweres, which is known also Rasm Al Abboud, or الكلية الجوية 'The Aerial Academy' that located to the east of Aleppo, somewhere in the middle between Aleppo IAP (Neyrab) and Kshesh AFB.

I got to find some great photos taken in the period between 13th and 24th Aug. 2013 in which we can notice some slight modification to the layout of air units.
Let's start with the photo which shows the main yard, the corrugated-metal hangar seen to the left in the background -it is one of two- is the one which is known as الصيانة 'The Maintenance', in this image we can survey:
- 9 L-39's
- 3 Mi-8's (one of them carries the serial 37 or 27)
- 1 Flamingo
- 1 wrecked Meteor

Closer shot to the same hangar, which can accommodate at least Eight to Ten L-39's.

This area is to right of that hangar, shows wreckage of two Meteors. It's good to know here that in Kweres alone there are Fifteen airframes of this type, One only in Neyrab and One used to be seen in the Technical Academy in Aleppo city before shifting it somewhere.

Another Two poor Meteor's lie here, I don't remember if I mentioned before this fact somewhere in my blog: these Meteor's were phased out from service with their full operational status! that took place when Soviets started delivering their MiG-15's in 1950's, one phased out Meteor did not record more than 10 hours flying!!!

Now, going to the far eastern border of the air field, with a comprehensive shot shows the eastern secondary tarmac accommodating Five L-39's. Another one can be seen inside the HAS to the right of the image. 

Closer shot to the L-39's there...

And, to the one inside the HAS, with two Mi-8's seen in the first photo.

Our hero here did not save any measure to photo-archive the base from different corners -hoping he will do the same to the western end of the air field. Showing the Five L-39's here with a very interesting wreckage of MiG-15UTI, MiG-17 and MiG-21 (could be F-13) newly brought here!!

Another Four L-39 are gathered inside an aircraft shelter not very far from the south eastern double HAS.

The Two Mi-8's in a very weird location, never used to accommodate any aircraft here before, in the coming days I will prepare a key map showing the location of each aircraft recently spotted in the base.

Again they appear here...

A shot shows the location of a SyAADF AA guns, to the left of the photo there is an aircraft looks like a MiG-21 while previously there was only one Meteor in this place. We have to wait until new GE aerial imagery comes.

The last photo is for a Meteor sadly lies away from the tarmac where it belongs to with its washed out camo.
I'm sure someday -in the near future- we are going to see detailed photos for these great birds.


  1. These are just fine pictures, especially the old Meteors.
    How many Meteors were ever used by Syria since there
    is some discrepancy between some sources.
    Also, were Vampires ever used by the Syrian Air Force ?

  2. Thanks, regarding Meteors, there is no record except the wrecked ones can be seen in this base and in Neyrab which make the total 16 units.
    Vampire never flew for SyAAF