SyAAF Mi's & MiG's in Deir EzZour AFB

Deir EzZour AFB is still one of the Assadist regime's stronghold not only in Deir EzZour city, but in the Eastern part of Syria which is called Al Jazeera, as it is the home base of MiG-21's those perform bombardment and attack sorties over the city and nearby villages.

I could find these two shots for this AFB, both were taken on 26th Dec. 2012.
The first one above shows the double HAS in the furthest west of the airbase sheltering a pair of MiG-21bis, a MiG-23BN stands between the HAS and another row of MiG-21's (look to be phased out).
Referring to the available records, the MiG-23BN was very effective during the fourth quarter of 2012 and was last seen operating from this base in the mid of May 2013, knowing that this variant was never seen in Deir EzZour AFB before the uprising.

The second shot shows the heli's tarmac infront of the airbase command's buildings, pair of Mi-25's and three Mi-8/17's.

A very interesting video showing the main jet tarmac with five MiG-21's in row, and two are inside the eastern double HAS.

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