I'm not late to report the liberation of the first Syrian Air Force base here. I was awaiting the GE to update its aerial imagery for this area in order to precisely locate each helicopter captured either intact of burned down, and fortunately the updated aerial view available from GE is 19th Aug. 2012 which is only three months earlier than the filtration of this AFB took place on 24th Nov. 2012.
The airbase as we know is located in the heart of the Eastern Ghouta, around 15 Klm to the east of Damascus city; it is divided into Northern and Southern parts. Starting with the Southern part (above), and referring to various videos recorded in this base, I could locate Five Mi's: 2 intact (again, intact here means intact with its body, but might not be air worthy), 1 boom-less and 2 completely burned down.

In the Northern part, I could locate only 1 intact Mi, the other helicopter available in the GE imagery might be knocked out, but no video showed this -so far.

Starting our stills with the very intact Mi-17 with serial 2944.

Another view for the same from back.

Nice shot reflects the joy of Freedom Fighters after the liberation of this airbase. 

Mi-8 with serial 387, looks it has been in storage since a long time in this base, notice the insignia of 'The Factory' painted in white below the pilot's side window.

A shot from inside...

Photo for one of the fighters joined the overrunning of this base before he was martyred, standing on the boom of the Mi-8 with serial 387.

Beside the 387, a boom-less Mi-8 with blurry serial, but can be read as x5.

Not very far, lies the Mi-17 with serial 2944.

One of the two completely burned down Mi's is a Mi-8.

While the other is a Mi-17.

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