Aircraft & Air Vehicles Over Syria : UPDATED

 Again, an UPDATED LIST of aircraft and air vehicles spotted over Syria since the beginning of the uprising till this night, those I collected from YouTube and listed in one document to share with searchers, observers and analysts.

Unfortunately, there was not much too see during the last three months, knowing that a serious lack of communication and cut to internet occurred during this period, which prevented many spotters uploading their recording over YouTube.

I would like to remind here that this list does not reflect the actual air raids and bombardment sorties SyAAF -or let us say Assadist Air Force to be accurate- is conducting in Syria as the actual rate is much more higher. Hundreds of videos are available as well for post-bombarding showing the after-impacts of a bomb been released over somewhere without showing the aircraft itself.

In the last three months (June, July and August) we can notice the following:
- Enormous usage of airliners to transport munitions and soldiers to various AFB's, such as the use of the Syrian Airline's ATR-72-500 which was spotted many times over Al Raqqa in its way to Deir EzZour AFB.
- The MiG-23BN was seen once only over Deir EzZour province, it looks that the AFB there is only operating MiG-21's nowadays.
- The L-39 was last seen over Azizah town in Aleppo province on 22nd June.
- The Gazelle's are still away from this uprising, but, four units were seen leaving their home base (Mazze AFB) heading towards the mountains of the 4th Division army. 

Mennegh airbase got GREEN, while the next will be Kweres no doubt!


  1. I wouldn't be suprised if one of the ATR-72's get's shot down.

    Thanks for posting!

  2. Can you update this for 2014? Maybe green for FSA, black for ISIS/Nusra?

    1. It's already updated, you can refer to this post:

    2. Ah thank you! Are you on Twitter by any chance?