SyAAF From The Archive - Part V

Some awesome photos of the SyAAF I got my hands on again! It's true that the resolution is very low, but I cannot prevent myself posting and sharing them with you here. This time is for the ever greatest MiG-21 in service with SyAAF been videoed in mid 1970s (after Teshreen war).
Above is a formation of six SyAAF MiG-21's.

A formation of three MiG-21MF's. 

At least three MiG-21MF's taking off simultaneously. 

MiG-21's in flight..

SyAAF MiG-21F-13 taking off.


Colors are back here...a pair of MiG-21MF taking off.

Very low pass performed by a SyAAF MiG-21MF.

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