Historical Photos of SyAAF's First Equipments (Part III)

More great photos of the first SyAAF's aircraft I could put my hands on. A frontal shot for a SyAAF Piper Cub with a group of the first Syrian pilots.

Another shot for the same from the side. The red-arrow-pointed out pilot is the Syrian hero AbdulKareem Qatma.

Pilots, airmen and ground staff gathering in a hangar (could be in Mazze AFB), the edge of a wing belong to a SyAAF Piper Cub.

A photo belongs to 1954 shows a group of Syrian pilots gathering infront of a SyAAF Harvard Mk.II.

Yahya Al Ghazzi, another Syrian pilot standing infront of a Harvard Mk.II as well.

SyAAF airmen gathering infront of what it looks like a De Havilland Chipmunk.

At the end, a photo is taken for SyAAF units during an air force parade forming the word سوريا (Syria) in 1955. Apparently, there are two types of aircraft here.
Since 1970, the word أسد "Assad" has been added to be formed as well during the parade of the graduation of airmen !!

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