SyAAF L-39 Albatros - Updated III

Some great findings I could collect from the web, even some very private photos been published for the first time, here as always !!
An L-39ZA side by side with its pilot (RIP in the recent Syrian uprising), unfortunately, the serial is not readable. 

Nice shot for an L-39 with serial 2052 photographed in Kshesh training air field few years ago...

Self portrait for a SyAAF pilot (also RIP during the uprising) inside his L-39, also from the squadron based in Kshesh airbase. 

Formation of at least five L-39s somewhere over the area of Kshesh air field, two serials are readable here: 2063 and 2134.
The latter was captured by rebels upon purifying Kshesh airbase early this year.

Another self shot from inside the cabin, the adjacent L-39 carries the serial 2063.

And here again...

Wonderful shot for an L-39 with serial 2067 which appears for the first time in public media.

Close shot for the cabin of an L-39 which serial is 2079, note that the serial number is written in Arabic digits on the seat.
This photo and the ones below are recently taken from the purified Kshesh (Jarrah) airbase.

Clear and awesome shot for the one with serial 2118.

This one carries the serial 2125, the serial can be read written on the seat as well.

Thanks God this bomb is still mounted on this aircraft, not been released on towns and villages...

Artistic shot for an L-39, should be the one with serial 2134.

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  1. Thank you for these nice pics.
    What kind of bomb is it under the aircraft?