Aircraft & Air Vehicles Over Syria : UPDATED

I like to share with my great readers the UPDATED LIST of videos taken for aircraft and air vehicles in the Syrian sky from the beginning of the Green uprising until tonight.

This list doesn't include common helicopters like Mi-8/17/25 due to the unlimited videos available for them, but it does include the ones rarely seen such as Mi-14 and Gazelle.

Note that some videos might not available anymore on YouTube due to deletion of that video or the channel itself; even though, you still can search for these videos by entering the date and location (preferably to use the city/town name), and I assure you will find them.

Referring to this LIST, I believe the SyAAF is approaching the beginning of its end; air raids are becoming less week by week, some types such as L-39, Su-22 are rare to be seen these last few months, I'm sure that in the very near future, we are going to see the MiG-29, even the MiG-23 fighters (ML/MLD) going to perform attack/bombing sorties !!

This map shows the SyAAF AFB's till today, knowing that most of them are under FSyA siege for months; in my opinion, the next to be Green are Kweres, Mennekh and Deir EzZour.
Until this moment, T4, Seen and Nasriyeh remain the most effective air bases.

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