Profiles of SyAAF Units - Part II (Rotary-Wing Aircraft)

Completing the profiles of SyAAF units those provided as a special gift for this blog from our friend "Erased24" .
The second part is dedicated for the rotary-wing units (Helicopters), and starting with the naval Kamov Ka-28 first appeared in media in the live fire maneuvers took place on July 7th 2012 in a promo on the Syrian TV; The one here carries the serial 12. 

Mil Mi-14PL with serial 2396, this HAZE A was spotted in Hmemeem airbase near Lattakia.

Mi-8 with serial 95 (i.e. 1295), I spotted this ONE in Aleppo IAP (Neyrab) in 2010 before it appeared again in the video of purifying Taftanaz airbase.

M-17 with serial 51 (i.e. 2951), this ONE was also spotted by me while stationed in the same Heli's overhaul facility in Neyrab airbase late 2011.

Mi-25 with serial 2802 which first published in the live fire maneuvers mentioned above, before it was seen later on damaged in the purified Taftanaz air field.

SA-342 Gazelle with serial 1312 fitted with the AS.12 ATGM.

Another Gazelle with serial 1352 fitted with the HOT ATGM.
Original photos of these two Gazelles in addition to ones to be published for the first time will be posted soon here.

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