SyAAF from the archive: SQUADRON OF HEROES

Dear readers, I'm sorry for this long delay in posting here due to my travel to some country where most of Google products are banned, one of them is the Blogger of course.
I come back to you with very nice stuff, realy rare and published for the first time !!
One of our friends has found this YouTube which originally is a movie titled "سرب الأبطال" "Squadron of Heroes" starred by Khaled Taja (RIP) representing the SyAAF heroism after the war of 1973.
Some stills I could extract from that movie for SyAAF MiGs, and specifically the MiG-21MF and the rarest MiG-21F-13 !!
The above is for a MiG-21MF in its original camo with serial 1554 landing.

Another MF fitted with four AA-2 missiles.

Pair of MiG-21MF's, each is fitted with two AA-2 missiles.

An MF in a HAS...

Technicians mounting one after another AA-2 missiles on an MF.

From the HAS...

Pair of MiG-21MF's on tarmac, the serial of the nearest reads 1508.

Assisting an injured pilot to step down of his fighter (MF), with serial 1551.

The same, note the ex-SyAAF flag on the tail fin (the current flag of Egypt).

Khaled Taja (RIP) in the cabin of an MF.

MiG-21MF with serial 1558 landing.

From another corner...

The rarest MiG-21F-13 !! also fitted with two AA-2 missiles.

MiG-21F-13 taxiing after landing.

Pair of F-13s ready to take off, unfortunately not a single serial of them is readable...

Mi-8 with serial 67, fitted with unguided rocket pods.

Special thanks to ED.


  1. Please give movie link.

    Very interesting movie to watch.

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7yNvK0pTTI

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbjfysuq1Y8

  3. Some MiGs-21F13 have been delivered form Poland in 1973. Polish pilots made test flights of them in Syria during conflict with Israel, so they had classified theese flights as combat! Ex-Polish MiGs were tested by Poles without R-3S misslies but with ammo for cannon on board. Fortunately they didn`t met any Israeli aircraft.

    1. That would be surprising !! I know that only Czechoslovakian & Soviet airmen were sent to SyAAF as instructors that time, is there any record for Polish pilots over those F-13's? You said "Fortunately' , do you mean that their dog-fighting skills were better than Israelis that time? What about other MiGs delivered from Romania, East Germany and Czechoslovakia? were they accompanied with their pilots?

  4. I wrote "Fortunately" because Poles did not have any real reason to fight against Israel (especially that many Israeli soldiers came to Israel from Poland).
    Polish pilot Ryszard Obacz defeceted to West by TS-8 Bies airplane and worked also for Israeli AF as instructor. Israelis were very interested especially into Polish programs of attack airplanes pilots. Last time I did find information that Poles made test flights of MiGs-21F13 in Aleppo 1973 with R-3S (AA-2) misslies. They were allowed to self defence but Polsih MOD did not let them to take part in foghts on front. Source what I did read says that East German pilots in Syria received such allowance from DDR's MOD.

    Ex Polish MiGs-21F13 sold to Syria in 1973:
    Serial no. Test flight in Aleppo Test pilot from Polish AF
    1) 740802 28.10.1973 kpt. pil. Cz. Stawski
    2) 740803

    08.11.1973 mjr pil. Z. Biedrzycki
    mjr pil. Z. Biedrzycki
    mjr pil. Z. Biedrzycki
    3) 740807 26.10.1973 kpt. pil. Cz. Stawski
    4) 740811 25.10.1973 kpt. pil. Sz. Krupa
    5) 740812 24.10.1973 kpt. pil. Cz. Stawski
    6) 742007 28.10.1973 kpt. pil. Sz. Krupa
    7) 742008 26.10.1973 kpt. pil. Sz. Krupa
    8) 742009 24.10.1973 mjr pil. Z. Biedrzycki
    9) 742018 01.11.1973 mjr pil. Z. Biedrzycki
    10) 742019 30.10.1973 kpt. pil. Sz. Krupa
    11) 742223 24.10.1973 mjr pil. Z. Biedrzycki
    12) 742224 25.10.1973 kpt. pil. Cz. Stawski
    Surce: article S. Bartosik, M. Łaz, R. Senkowski, MiG-21F-13 w służbie polsko-syryjskiej in: „Lotnictwo” nr 12/2008.

    Look also: Y. Gordon, K. Dexter, D. Komissarov, Mikoyan MiG-21, wyd. Midland, UK, p. 670-673.