Photos from SyAAF DHAB'A AFB

On 18th April 2013, The FSyA (Free Syrian Army) succeeded to overrun the Dhab'a AFB (also known as Al-Qsair) which is abandoned since years ago and was on schedule to be prepared to be operated by Syrian Air.

Although the air base is abandoned, it was never to pass by anyone's mind the possibility to find any military aircraft left here. But that was untrue when four airframes were located in one of the two double-HAS!! Unfortunately, all these Fishbeds are phased out and not air-worthy anymore.

Among these MiG's, a 2320 MiG-21bis stands scrapped beside a MiG-21MF serialed 1554.

Another shot for the MiG-21bis.

In the second provision, a MiG-21MF with serial 1523 side by side with a MiG-21UM with serial 2367.

Rear shot for the MiG-21MF which carries the serial 1523.

This world is really tiny !! This 1554 MF preserved in this air base is the same ONE appeared in the movie "Squadron of Heroes" I posted two weeks ago !!

Rear photo for the MiG-21UM.

Its fin carries the serial 2367.

Since 2009 or little earlier this air base is mainly used for agriculture aircraft as the electronic maps (like Google) shows 6~7 units of two different types of propellers stationed in the tarmac.
The YK-AME here could be either a Cessna 188 or a Piper PA-25.

Another shot for the same propeller.

In the cabin of an unidentified variant of a high-wing Piper Cub propeller.

Another shot for this propeller showing its YK-AMK serial.

And here from front. Sadly someone has broken the front glass of this aircraft after been towed out of the hanger, providing that rectification of such light air vehicles is not as complicated as jets in order to make it air worthy again.

In this airbase, rebels could put hand on a lot of armament and weapons such as 23mm machine guns and shells, what's related to aviation are those Kh-66 air-to-surface missiles, they are developed from the AA-1 Alkali air-to-air missile which famously appeared fitted on the MiG-19's.

R-60 air-to-air missiles.

The same missile just unboxed.

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  1. Great job!

    Way better then mine analysis:


    Is it ok that I use some of your photos?

    Check out some of my other posts too!


    PS: These Kh-23's are likely Kh-66's. Kh-66's can be mounted on MiG-21's

    1. Many thanks Oryx !!
      For sure you can use any photo you like to !

      For instant I thought these missiles are AA-1, thanks for clarification.

  2. " what's related to aviation are those Kh-23 air-to-surface missiles"

    No! It's Kh-66, radar beam receiver clearly seen jn rear (red antenn)

    MiG-21UM has c/n 516971061 (mfd 1976)

    MiG-21MF 1540-1560 also delivered in 1976 (Gorky production)

    1. Always thanks for your worthy comments and additions !!
      The c/n you mentioned is the production number...right?
      May I ask your e-mail? Or can you e-mail me on amricos51@gmail.com ?

  3. Im pretty sure the 'unknown propellor' is a Piper Cub, the first plane to have served in the Syrian Air Force! The type was used to patrol the skies of Damascus while the French were pulling out of the country.

  4. Hello !what an amazing blog :-) .....two little mistakes ...it's not PZL DROMADER but Cessna 188 (chek the tube linking fuselage and wings ;-) ) .....an for your aknown propeller it's Piper PA-18 ^_^