Air Force Museum - Dimashq / SYRIA (Updated)

Batch of good photos I collected from web, different than what I posted almost one year ago for aircraft were in display in Military Museum in Damascus.
Starting with a photo for the MiG-21F-13...

The same from another corner, it is important to mention here that this aircraft has received a completely new camo in place here (repainted), the original one with original serial was shown in the previous post of this Military Museum

This photo also shows the same MiG-21F-13 with another third camo !!

The MiG-15UTI did not survive from the amateur painter !!

From the back...

This is the canopy of the Su-7.

Repainted L-29, with the logo of Aviation Faculty.

Another shot for the trainer L-29, as I mentioned previously, all these airframes including the propellers were shifted to an unknown destination !!

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