Onboard SyAAF Su-24 !!

A very rare video if not the first of a kind to be published on the net, thanks to "SyrianDevileyez" from ACIG whom drew our attention to this great video (which i couldn't resist posting it here again in this blog), showing 3 Su-24M2's during the air show which accompany the celebration of airmen graduation in Rasm Al Abboud (the main training AB in Syria).

This video was taken in October this year or the last one, details of this video are as below:

- in 0:00 till 0:20 the three Su's are over Aleppo.
- in 0:21 you can see the runway of Neyrab AB on horizon exactly under the belly of the right Su.
- in 0:22 till 2:35 they are on the way approaching Rasm Al Abboud AB.
- in 2:36 they enter the fence of that AB and running exactly over the runway.
- in 2:49 wreckage of newly added Mig-21's in front, behind 1 Meteor + 1 Flamingo + 2 L-29's + 1 Mi-8 + 2 Mig-17.
- in 2:56 they exit the AB.
- Till the end...the three cavaliers continue their way to the home base in T4.

I can't tell it is a courage from the pilot (especially in this critical period) to upload such video on web !!


  1. Excellent vid I've been watching it over and over again, very interesting no squadron badges on the fencers, just national insignia and bort numbers in Arabic.
    Those pilots must feel very confident, shootings vids like that, agree on that.

  2. Thx Vasko for your addition.
    I just hope to see more and more videos like this..!!

  3. If someone had said a year or more ago that we would have an inflight footage on the web of Syrian Su-24s taken by a pilot showing wingmen aircraft as well we would have said it was unimaginable and impossible .Yet here we are in 2011 with just that! This is an INCREDIBLE find!I had to freeze frame very carefully to check the national insignia, and indeed there were clearly the distinctive 2 green stars of the SYRIAN AIRR FORCE on the tails.The 2 aircraft do not have the wing fences apparent on the pictures of the other SU-24s which are on the display aircaft on this site from last year so I wonder if this was a different event.
    I hope the pilot is ok putting this sort of thing on the web as I have never seen anything like this before from Syria.
    Many congratulations to R.S for yet another incredible discovery on the Syrian Airforce.Keep posting!!

  4. Very impressed with the analysis of Rick Francona , former US Air Attache to Syria.
    Check out his website http:http://francona.blogspot.com/2011/12/syrian-air-force-video-analysis.html
    He really knows what he is looking at!

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