Egyptian Air Force (1930-1952) - Part II

In addition to the Gladiator's REAF received in 1938, in the same year it received a squadron of Westland Lysander which performed liaison and recon. roles.

Hawker Hurricane was also supplied to REAF after the WWII.

This looks a Hurricane more than a Spitfire (as labeled from the original source of this image)...markings of downed / bombed aircraft, vehicles, and bombs dropped over settlement in Palestine during Arab-Israeli War in 1948.

Above, (as described in the original source of the image) pilots celebrating the arrival of the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk's in late 1940's.

In the late stages of Palestine war in July 1948, REAF received the Short Sterling, the first four-engined heavy bomber to serve for an Egyptian air force.

After the end of 1948 war, Handley Page Halifax became the second heavy bomber to join REAF, served till late 1952.

Avro Lancaster is the third type bomber to join REAF after 1948 war.

Gloster Meteor F4 shifted REAF into the jet era when it was delivered 1949.
Meteor was not the only jet served for REAF, the de Havilland Vampire also was the second type of jets to serve for the REAF before the the Egyptian Revolution took place in 1952 ending the Royal Era in Egypt.


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    Third one is indeed a Spitfire, certainly a MkIX (see windscreen, and six exhaust pipes of the Merlin 60 serie) .

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  5. Excellent photos; I have to make some remarks though:

    The P-40 is an ex-RAF Curtiss H-81 "Tomahawk" not a H-87 "Warhawk".

    The Hurricane in the first photo is a Mk. IIC Trop .

    The second "Hurricane" (with the mission/kill markings) is actually a Spitfire Mk. IX.

    The Strlings were three Mk. V transports that were previously used by the Belgian companies Trans-Air and Air Transport SA before being sold to Egypt; the Mk. V model retained the bomb bay doors and controls so theoretically it could be used as a bomber.

    The Meteor is a T7 two seat trainer.

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    I was searching and found my uncle Mohamed Abdel Hamid AbouZeid and his Spitfire with markes showing also his flight logbook maybe I could help with more sources.
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