Updated AFB's on Google Earth - Dec.7th 2011

On Dec. 7th, GE has updated many areas in which there were few air bases.
Starting from Syria, Swaida AB (32°42'16.28"N 36°24'43.65"E).
This update confirms that this base has been abandoned in late 2004 (Mi-25's were last seen here in mid 2004).

Libya, Umm Aitiqah AB - Wheelus formerly - (32°53'35.74"N 13°17'10.22"E).
This updated image shows that this base wasn't targeted by NATO air strikes..may be because no military aircraft are operated from here anymore.

Qatar, Al Ubeid AB (25° 7'4.69"N 51°19'9.65"E).
Veeeery rich inventory of B1-B's..!!

Saudi Arabia, Dhahran AB (26°15'30.14"N 50° 9'18.27"E).

Iran, Shiraz AB (29°32'16.58"N 52°35'24.20"E).
Few Su-24's can be seen here.

Again from Iran, Kerman AB (30°16'38.15"N 56°57'25.37"E).
Many helis with two rotary wings...are they AH-1 Cobra's?

Pakistan, Peshawar AB (33°59'39.67"N 71°30'51.98"E).

Russia, Ivanovo North (57° 3'22.78"N 40°58'48.53"E).
Are these Beriev A-50 with rotodomes??

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