Updated AFB's on Google Earth - Nov.25th 2011

Few interesting air force bases were updated on Google Earth on Nov. 25th.
Starting from the Middle East from Libya, Sirt AB (31° 3'38.69"N 16°35'45.72"E).

Of course this imagery was taken during the revolution showing that all HAS's were targeted and bombed by NATO's LGB's.

You can clearly notice that all sliding gates are thrown sometimes 50 meters away from HAS due to the explosion of bombs inside.

Egypt, Kom Awshim AB (29°33'20.35"N 30°53'38.71"E).

This base looks to be the home base of CH-47 Chinook's.

Yemen, Sanaa' AB (15°28'37.04"N 44°13'11.71"E).

What's new...few shelters in the main yard are built for Mig-29's.

Turkey, Konya AB (37°58'46.33"N 32°33'44.80"E).

Inventory includes large number of F-5's, few F-16's in addition to the yard of Turkish Stars (aerobatic team F-5's).

Russia, Buturlinovka AB (50°47'32.59"N 40°36'33.74"E).

Mig-29's are operated from this base.

Another base in Russia, Kursk East (51°45'2.48"N 36°17'47.90"E).

North Korea, Pukchang AB (39°30'9.48"N 125°57'52.20"E).

Many Mig-23's can be seen here, also this base looks to have under ground tunnels for aircraft.

Another North Korean base, Pukchang (39°24'48.57"N 125°53'23.54"E).

Many Mig-29's and Su-25's look as stored in the forest way!?!?

China, Dandong Langtou base (40° 1'39.40"N 124°17'8.75"E).
Inventory includes J-6, J-7 and between those few J-8's !?!? (looks to be the first generation of J-8 which comes with the frontal air intake hole same as Su-7).

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