SyAAF Conducts Live Fire Maneuvers

A new VIDEO extracted from Syrian TV shows live fire maneuvers conducted yesterday Dec.20 - 2011 by the SyAAF and Syrian Navy.

The maneuvers show participation of many aircraft:
- Mig-23 (looks to be ML)
- Mig-23BN
- Mig-29 (performing dog-fighting with pair of Mig-23's)
- Su-24 releasing free-fall bombs
- Gazelle's
- Mi-25
- Mi-17

Unfortunately, the resolution of the published here is not as good as seen on TV.


  1. Awesome video R.S, I guess there will be more and more videos showing infamous Syrian air force...

  2. Me too Vasko...i hope such maneuvers continue in the future...

  3. Buk-M2 (SA-17) in Syrian Army ????

  4. Syria has most of the top Russian stuff...apart from the S-300.
    They have prefered to concentrate on missile forces as they cannot get near competing with Israel on air power.

  5. As far as I know, Syria don't have the S-300, the latest is S-200.
    But with help of "an allied country" they could overcome the technical issues in Radars which prevent them intercept the few breakthrough performed by IAF.