Syrian Air An-26 with Strange Pods

Today, a video is published for a Syrian Air An-26 carrying the serial YK-ANC about to land in Hama AFB. The strange thing I noticed in this transporter is the two pods -as mentioned above- suspending from the fuselage.

This is not the first time to see these pods fitted to the Syrian An-26's, during the 'Live Fire Maneuvers' a photo for this aircraft showed the same pods, also, a very clear shot for the same YK-ANC was flying over Lattakia clearly showing them as well.

I spent an hour 'googling' trying to identify this pod but failed, are they camera pods for recon? weather surveillance equipment? any idea?


  1. Im thinking maybe it's an air-sampling pod.

  2. Multi function countermeasures pod (MCD) Adros T-32C is intended for active protection of airplanes with turboprop engines of An-26, An-32 type. Depending on composition of the equipment placed in the pod, MCD can be supplied in the followinfg variants:
    1. series 1 - flare dispenser
    2. series 2 - flare dispenser and two sensors of missile warning
    3. series 3 - flare dispenser, two sensors of missile warning and infrared countermeasures station
    One aircrfat can be quipped with two Adros pods, installed on both left and right airplane side

    1. Many thanks for your detailed info!!

  3. some pics showing it use by the Croatian Air Force on An-32:

    1. Many thanks Alberto! From the first photo you provided here (the second one can't be opened) we can notice that the pod is filled with dispenser, while the chamber of the pods fitted to the Syrian An-26 looks emptied...unless it is covered with shaded translucent membrane.