SyAAF MiG-23MS in Abu DhHour AFB

It is the first anniversary of the overrun of Abu DhHour AFB in Idleb governorate when rebels succeed on 30th April 2013 to pass into the Western side of the airfield for few days before the regime forces could push them back out.

There was a MiG-23MS scrapped at the back of a double HAS in the south-western corner of the airbase, which was marked the first jet targeted by rebels by an ATGM at the beginning of the Syrian unrest.

The already-phased-out MS was seriously damaged by that hit, which has been totally knocked out after few days of the invasion of this AFB.
As seen in a footage of the video this still above was extracted from, this MiG-23MS with its famous locally Green painted radome, carries the insignia of 'The Factory' which means it was indigenously overhauled in Neyrab facility.

The last shot of this MiG-23MS which carries the serial 1605.

In addition to the phased-out MiG-23MS, Abu DhHour AFB until 2011 was the home base of MiG-23UB, MF in addition to squadrons of MiG-21MF and bis. The photo above shows the bone-yard of seven MiG-23MS/UB.

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