SyAAF Helicopter Sorties From Misc AFB's (1st Quarter 2014)

Another survey I prepared for the air raids/transport sorties SyAAF is carrying out with its fleet of Helicopters in a trial to estimate the 'remaining' operational units at least in the northern/western areas of clashes, specifically those are starting from Hama (Hama governorate), Sh'eirat (Homs governorate), Abu Ddhour (Idleb governorate) and Hmemim (Lattakia governorate).

As stipulated above, we can notice that contrary to expectations, Abu Ddhour AFB is 'very' alive and as active as Hama AFB in terms of number of daily sorties.
Hmemim airfield was kinda conservative in number of daily sorties from the beginning of January until the first half of March, while the second half of March till today (as we will see in the updated survey) it becomes one of the main bases for Helicopters to start from.

21st Feb. recorded the maximum number of Helicopters taking off from the four airbases in a single day with a total number of 42 sorties. Of course, we cannot consider all these were attack sorties as helicopters are currently being used for the following:
- Bombing (dropping death barrels)
- Supplies (para-dropping food for besieged SyA units)
- Transportation (units and VIP's)
So, if we consider that each helicopter took off twice a day we may reach a conclusion that there are at least 21 operational/air-worthy Mi-8/17/14/25 in these four airbases.

Talking about the distribution of each type in these four AFB's -relying on available visual records in each base- it is as below:
- Mi-8/17: Hama, Sh'eirat, Abu Ddhour, Hmemim
- Mi-14: Hmemim
- Mi-25: Hama, Sh'eirat, Hmemim


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